Thursday, October 21, 2021

Kudos to Marco Island City Council

Kudos to Marco Island City Council.  On Monday, May 7, 2018, the Marco Island City Council finalized the wording on the ballot regarding the August 28, 2018 referendum for the COPCN (ambulance service) initiative. It passed by a 6-1 vote.  The language is clear and concise and outlines the cost for enhancing our emergency medical service.

The ballot will ask Marco property owners to tax themselves $100 per year for an assessed property value of $500,000.  This will generate approximately $2 million. That along with approximately $1 million in transport fees (fees obtained when an ambulance transports a patient to a hospital) will pay for two full time ambulances and a third backup vehicle all year round for our citizens.  It will cover the cost of hiring 12 paramedics along with purchasing appropriate equipment and medications.  Finally, it will pay for our own medical director.

If the proposal passes on August 28, which I am sure that it will, the citizens of Marco Island will have LOCAL CONTROL of ALL essential services.  That means we have a voice concerning our police force, utilities (Water/Sewage), fire Rescue, City Government (City Council) and our emergency medical service.

Dr. Jerry Swiacki, Chairman, Our City Our Ambulance

Marco Island

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