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Kiwanis Sponsors Summer Reading at Manatee

Gayle Thawley talks with students. PHOTOS BY TAMMY MILARO

Gayle Thawley talks with students. PHOTOS BY TAMMY MILARO

By Coastal Breeze News Staff

Manatee Elementary School’s Summer Reading Program kicked off with the Kiwanis Club of Marco Island’s Reading is Fundamental (RIF) program this week. This first-time summer reading event fulfilled its promise for a fun time for the students. The school-wide summer theme is “A day without reading is like a day without sunshine.”

Grades K-1 were given a “My Summer Sketchbook,” and grades 2-4 were given a “My Summer Reading Journal” to support the school’s already strong emphasis on reading books.

These summer workbooks were in addition to the free RIF book each student received. RIF books were given away at other times during the school year as well, but the summer workbooks are a new emphasis to engage the students to read during the summer months.

During the program, presented by Gayle Thawley, students identified where they could get books over the summer, including the county library, online, exchanging with friends and through the RIF Recycle Program within Manatee’s Media Center where students bring in gently used RIF books and change them for other gently used RIF books.

The student journals and sketchbooks will reflect their activities through the summer. Parents are encouraged to get involved as well, using reading as a great antidote to the “I’m bored” summer syndrome. Parents will support the program by endorsing their child’s journal.

Tammy Milaro with student Kaylee Jo.

Tammy Milaro with student Kaylee Jo.

All students returning these books signed in the fall will be rewarded with a Movie Day pass.

Each “My Summer Sketchbook” includes 61 activities involving reading, drawing and writing, while the “My Summer Reading Journal” includes 71 activities focused on reading and writing. The Kiwanis Club donated the journals and special order sketchbooks, which were supplied by Marco Office Supply. The Federal government cutback its funding for the RIF program, but Kiwanis stepped in and not only provided the missing funds but initiated and funded the Summer Program as well.

A18-CBN-5-30-14-4Below is a random sampling of a few of the journal activities:

• Make up a bedtime story and tell it to your mom or dad.

• Write down in your journal the time the sun sets each day for a week.

• Start a Summer Scrapbook including souvenirs, photos, ticket stubs, etc.

• Take a walk. Write about or draw all of the things you see that show Summer.

• Make a personal phone book of the numbers and addresses of friends and relatives.

• Design your own stationary then write a letter to a friend.

• Write a letter to your



favorite author. A librarian can help find his/her address.

• List all of the ice cream flavors you can think of. Put them in ABC order.

• Word games! Make a list of words to describe fireworks.

• An animal has escaped from the zoo. Draw a picture and tell a story about it.

Random activities from the sketchbook include:

• Draw a picture of 3 things you want to do this summer.

• Pretend you are going to another city, draw a picture of what you would see.

• What’s your favorite insect? Draw a picture and tell a story about it.

• Draw a picture and tell a story if you were a king or queen of your very own kingdom.

• Imagine a perfect day. Draw and tell about what you would do, eat, and wear.

• Picture dinner with your favorite book character. Where would you go, etc.?

• The first U.S. postage stamps were designed in 1847. Design your own stamp.

• Make a bookmark for a brother, sister, cousin, or friend.

• Make as many words as you can from the word “dictionary.”

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