Saturday, October 23, 2021

Kirk Gardener caught this 98 pound black tip shark

Kirk Gardner and his 98 pound Black Tip Shark. Submitted

Kirk Gardner and his 98 pound Black Tip Shark. Submitted

Black Tip Sharks are common in Marco Island waters, especially in the mouths of rivers and inlets and in near shore waters – not a typically pelagic shark, but can be found at offshore reefs, using depths to about 100 feet. This species are found worldwide in subtropical and tropical waters, feeding on all types of fish, including bony fish such as grouper, snapper, etc. They can “breach” out of the water to catch their prey. They can grow to about 8 or 9 feet and have attacked humans, but no fatalities have been documented.

Safety Tips:

• Always swim, dive or surf with other people.

• Don’t enter the water at dusk, dawn or night – times when some species sharks may be inshore feeding.

• If bait fish, birds acting erratically, may mean sharks are feeding.

• Don’t enter the water if it is known sharks are present.

• Don’t swim in murky waters, especially near river and inlet mouths.

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