Saturday, November 27, 2021

Kirk Fish Company in Goodland

Where Stone Crab Claws Are Legendary

On a whim, author and spouse wanted to check out Kirk’s in Goodland for a taste of stone crabs and key lime pies. They came away with a couple of pounds of large size stone crabs, smoked salmon and a key lime pie for the Saturday before Easter.

Practicing social distancing, customers wait patiently to place their orders.

At Kirk’s, they found a line of patient customers looking for the same thing, and yes, there was no shortage of stone crabs of all sizes; they crack the claws for you at your request and Kelly was handling the ordering from the customers. One can only imagine what the division of labor is like behind the scene to keep up with the demand.

Kirk Fish Company is located on Papaya Street in Goodland next to Little Bar and the dock faces Buzzards Bay. It has been around since 1953. Stone crab season in Florida is from October 15 to May 16. The crabbers only bring back crab claws if they are longer than 2 ¾ inches. The crab must be put back into the water to regrow its lost claw. Once at Kirk’s, the claws go into a vat of boiling water and then cooled in a walk-in cooler. Crab claws are sorted by size, medium, large and jumbo. Stone crabs are served cold with a little of Kirk’s homemade mustard sauce or your own melted butter.

Please call ahead to pre-order for a pick-up to avoid a long wait at 239-394-8616.

A loyal customer placing an order of stone crab claws – which is available till May 16th.

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