Sunday, October 17, 2021

Kid driven partnership at Family Church

By Joan Kelly

Josh Hogue, Children’s Pastor, who guides the forty kids in the 1st through 5th grade at the Family Church, was given information on Habitat by volunteer Holly Mann. After a few months of thinking he challenged the kids to missionary work by using the tiered goals provided by Habitat.

The kids met the challenge with creative ways of earning money to donate. One child looks for lost coins in chairs, others have a lemonade stand, and still others do more chores.

The tiered goals start at $25 for a bucket of nails. The kids have already met this goal and brought the offering to the church April 17th.

They have already started towards a new goal of $75 for a shade tree and they have a third of the amount collected.

In the future they look to buy a door for $100, windows for $500 and a child’s room for $1000.

Josh Hogue gives the kids the challenge and focus and they do the rest. The vision is to love your neighbor with a bucket of nails, a tree or a window. To aid in this project Habitat offers banks in the shape of houses which each child is encouraged to take home and fill like a piggy bank.


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