Thursday, January 27, 2022

Keeping Tigertail Beach Clean

On a bright, sunny Saturday morning, July 14, 34 dedicated volunteers spent two hours sprucing up Tigertail Beach for the quarterly clean-up sponsored by Friends of Tigertail.

Joining the group were Katie O’Hara, the Director of Sales and Marketing for the Marco Island Chamber of Commerce, KC McCall from the Marco Island Civic Association (MICA), and Tonia Selmeski, the newly appointed Marco Island Environmental Planner.

Many participants were returning local volunteers; others were visitors to the area who enjoy the beauty of Tigertail. Several children were present, and eight certificates of participation were awarded, adding to fulfillment of their school requirement for community volunteer hours.

From young to elderly, everyone pitched in to clear several bags of trash, totaling 86 pounds. Despite being only 10 days past July 4th holiday festivities, participants found less debris in some areas of the park than previous years, though other locations contained excess amounts. Unfortunately, litter in the park is not only unsightly for visitors, but also attracts crows. Tigertail is one of the few remaining Florida nesting sights for least terns and black skimmers, and crow predation has been a particular problem this year for these threatened avian species. Thanks to the efforts of the enthusiastic volunteers, Tigertail is now cleaner for everyone’s benefit and enjoyment.

The next Friends of Tigertail sponsored beach clean-up is scheduled for Saturday, September 15, part of the Annual International Coastal Clean-up, when people throughout the world volunteer to clean coastal sites.

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