Monday, December 6, 2021

Keeping Our Patients Safe

To Your Health

Even with the extraordinary amount of news reported on the COVID-19 Pandemic, I continue to hear from individuals who still do not know where to turn or who to trust regarding their healthcare in these unprecedented times.  

At Physicians Regional Healthcare System, we have taken extraordinary measures to provide COVID-safe care for the protection of our patients, our caregivers, and the community. 

Keeping you safe when you are in our hospital or any one of our facilities is our highest priority. Here’s what to expect should you need to visit one of our two hospitals (Collier Blvd. and Pine Ridge Road) or walk-in clinics (Marco Island and East Naples). 

What is COVID-Safe Care? 

I heard from a longtime patient recently—someone who, like so many of you, was concerned about visiting our facility. He admitted that he half expected to see a frenzied hospital environment like so many of those depicted on national news programs. 

“Yes, there were differences. My temperature was taken when I arrived, the staff was all wearing masks, and the chairs in the waiting room were further apart. Beyond that, it seemed to be the same hospital I have been coming to for years. The doctors, nurses, and staff were calm, polite, and professional. I quickly realized that, though times had changed, the quality of the care had not.” 

Numerous precautions—some you see, and some you do not—have been put in place to ensure you receive quality care safely. 

  • Entry points are limited, so we are able to screen everyone who comes into our facility. 
  • Everyone who enters our facilities is screened for symptoms before being allowed inside. 
  • Visitor restrictions reduce the number of people in our hospitals to enable social distancing. 
  • Furniture in waiting areas has been rearranged to ensure appropriate social distancing. 
  • Everyone inside the hospitals wears facemasks and our caregivers are using other appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) as well as following proper hand hygiene protocol before and after caring for every patient. 
  • We have enhanced all cleaning protocols with extra measures and increased frequency. This includes all patient care areas and the disinfection of frequently touched surfaces. 
  • Patients who are undergoing elective surgeries and other discretionary procedures are tested and cleared before coming to the hospital. 
  • COVID-19 positive patients are grouped together in the same unit, separated from all other patients and treated by a dedicated team of caregivers. NonCOVID-19 care zones have been established where patients who have tested negative can receive care safely.

Emergency Care 

Delaying care during a medical emergency can put your life at risk. Our Emergency Department’s safety protocols are designed to ensure you can seek emergency treatment confidently. 

Hunter Brown, D.O., emergency room physician at Physicians Regional, agrees, “It is important during these times to put your health first and make sure you are safe. Our facilities are open and ready in the event you have an emergency and need our services.” 

In the event a patient comes into our ED with COVID-19 symptoms, they are separated from other patients immediately. We are also taking additional measures to keep our Emergency Department safe and clean. All employees and patients who enter must wear facemasks.  

Never delay emergency care for sudden symptoms that may indicate a medical emergency, including: 

  • Chest pain, shortness of breath and other heart attack warning signs 
  • Stroke symptoms including facial drooping, arm weakness or difficulties with speech 
  • Accidents resulting in injuries, burns, or possible broken bones 
  • Sudden or severe headaches 
  • Abdominal pain that comes on suddenly or is severe or persistent 
  • Significant bleeding 
  • Coughing up or vomiting blood 

In a major medical emergency, call 911 and get help as fast as possible. This list of emergency symptoms does not include all emergency conditions. 


For patients with minor illnesses/injuries or those who need follow-up care, medication management, chronic disease management, or are experiencing back pain; we offer telehealth appointments. 

You will be able to talk with your physician, using a smartphone or computer, just as you would in the doctor’s office. 

Many different platforms enable physicians and patients to connect in a telehealth visit. Some work through a simple app download and registration. Others require no downloads and visits begin by clicking a link sent by email from the practice. 

A member of our team will provide specific instructions about your telehealth visit when you schedule your appointment. 

I cannot say enough about our exceptionally dedicated team of doctors, nurses, clinicians, and staff members who continue to go to great lengths to care for our patients. Your hard work and dedication to our organization and community are what sustain our healthcare system. I know I am joined by countless members of the community when I say that I am in awe of your collective compassion and perseverance. 

To schedule an in-person or telehealth appointment, please call 239-348-4221 or visit


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