Monday, November 29, 2021

JW Marriott Beach Clean Up

Letter to the Editor

I am on record in the letters section of this newspaper arguing that the hotel community of Marco Island needs to be more attentive to clutter and trash that accumulates as a consequence of their uses of our beach. 

Having complained, I hope you will allow me to acknowledge the JW Marriott for their sponsorship of a beach cleanup event that occurred early Monday morning, Cleanup was in the zone from that property south to the Crystal Shores.  

While organized with relatively short notice and publicity, the event was well attended and many pounds of plastic, cigarette ends, disposable cups, twisted tent parts and other miscellaneous discards were collected and disposed of appropriately. 

I hope that the hotel will also consider the event a success, thank you! I would like to encourage the other properties in the rental business to consider similar sponsorship in the future, and if they are able to coordinate their activities then a little effort from a lot of people will result in a huge benefit for their businesses and the broader community. 


Andrew Tyler 

Marco Island 

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