Monday, November 29, 2021

Jumping for Joy



C6-CBN-10-17-14-16Katie Schweighoefer, co-owner of Jump Hair & Nails, is no stranger to making her dreams come true. When she was a child, she knew she wanted to be a hair stylist. Ten years ago, she started her own tanning salon on Marco Island, and kept her dream alive with plans for one day adding hair and nails to the menu of services. Her dream came true when she teamed with her business partner, Peter Galluzzo. The two opened Jump Hair & Nails in April.

A board-certified cosmetologist for 16 years, she



attended Michigan State University, earning a degree in advertising. Schweighoefer also practices an organic, health-conscious lifestyle.

“My inspiration came from seeing numerous friends and family put their heart and soul into their own business and that with enough dedication and hard work I could achieve anything,” Schweighoefer says. Her biggest inspiration was her father, who also is a small business owner and whose support she credits with giving her the courage to go out on her own.

She encourages women to trust their own instincts when it comes to fulfilling their dreams and to push aside their fears. “I knew I couldn’t let



my own fear get the better of me,” notes Schweighoefer. “I would much rather try at something and it not work out then to have never tried at all and wonder what could be.”

Her advice to female entrepreneurs: “Know that anything is possible 100 percent of the time.”

Sandy Rekar

Salon Coordinator/Manager with 21 years in advertising and sales for newspapers, and 4 years in the salon industry.

Career change: “I am the voice at Jump Salon, managing the front desk and keeping the day organized. My focus is ‘It’s all about the client,’



and I do my best to accommodate everyone’s needs.”

Key to success: “Do your best, be proud of what you do, and make it enjoyable.”

C6-CBN-10-17-14-18Raymaris Valdes

Nail Specialist, and is close to becoming a board-certified cosmetologist, 4 years in all aspects of the business and creating free-hand nail art.

Key to success: “My mother has been very supportive and stood by my side while attending school. She has helped take care of my son, who loves her very much.

C6-CBN-10-17-14-20Ashley Reitz

Stylist with 6 years in



the industry, using hair and make-up to transform the way someone looks.

Key to success: “Creativity is what drives me, and it’s incredible to know I can use that to help someone look and feel their best.”

C6-CBN-10-17-14-19Melissa Walker

Stylist and Make-up Artist with 10 years in the industry, trained at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Miami and is certified in eight different color lines

Key to success: “If you have a passion for a career, work hard, follow your dreams and always push yourself to the next level…Always follow your dreams because they are never too big. They only continue to grow.”



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