Friday, January 28, 2022

Jukebox by Joanie Enters its Sixth Year

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Joanie leading the troops.

The Mission of the Goodland Civic Association is to promote the general welfare of its members, to promote community spirit and good will, and to promote education and discussion of issues which can materially affect the members. One of the most popular and longest-tenured group activity for Goodlanders checks all those boxes. “Jukebox by Joanie” was jumpstarted in January 2013 by Goodland’s own Joanie Fuller. For the past six years, a lively crew of mostly senior ladies join Joanie for safe, low impact, exercises choreographed to upbeat music for an hour on Mondays and Thursdays at 9 AM at the Goodland Community Center, 417 Mango Avenue.

Growing up, Joanie began dancing when she was six years old at the Atlanta School of Ballet, auditioning for the company at age twelve. She danced professionally in Atlanta’s Theater Under the Stars summer theater, performed in Broadway musicals, and performed at her alma mater, Emory University. Once she and her husband, Dave, settled in Goodland, she wanted to put her talent to use, so she created this class to share her love of exercise and dance. In order to do this, Joanie became ACE Certified, the American Council on Exercise Certification program accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). This program is a six-month course used for assessing professional competence and aims to aid fitness professionals to successfully lead others in their wellness journey. “I had to study hard for this certification, learning physiology of the body and nutrition,” explained Joanie.

Goodlanders flock to the GCA building with towel and water in hand. They sign in, pay a donation (Joanie does not require payment for participation) and autograph a waiver of release stating they are fit and able to join in the fun. As soon as the music starts, it becomes readily apparent that these ladies know their way around the dance floor. Using her own choreography set to spirited music, the ladies get moving. Sassy dance steps, standing core work, and vigorous boxing/punching moves provide a solid cardio workout. At the end of class, a relaxing melodic cool down put everyone in the right frame of mind for the rest of the day. On occasion, door prizes are awarded to lucky participants. A Christmas breakfast is also a tradition for this bunch of ladies. Moreover, the coveted pink towels are given away by Joanie for perfect attendance at the end of each season.

I witnessed firsthand the enjoyment these ladies were having while dancing and exercising together. The camaraderie between the participants was evident as they partnered up for many songs, encouraging each other to perform boxing moves, steps, twists and mambos. They all seemed to be wearing “pink” in a variety of ways, another way of showing solidarity. What a great way for these Goodland women to build friendships while working on their New Year’s resolutions to be fit and healthy! Goodlanders, young and old, are welcomed to come and get their 2019 exercise fix.

For more information, please visit the “Jukebox by Joanie” Facebook page or email Joanie at

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