Thursday, January 20, 2022

Jolley Bridge Update



The Collier Blvd. Boating Park will hold their grand opening on Saturday, May 22. Make it a point to see this expansion project. You’ll be glad you did.

Well, wishes DO come true! First, Mike Minozzi worked for many years to bring a second bridge to Marco Island for evacuation and safety purposes, and now it is happening right before our eyes. Then, Keith Dameron attended the meetings to see the design and expressed great concern that no one would be able to see the view of Marco as they drove south on the bridge – which is one of the most magnificent scenes anyone could hope for.

And now……..well, see for yourself. I have included a picture of what it was to look like and what it will now look like. What a wonderful, positive difference!

I have to commend the FDOT people for going out of their way to accommodate us on Marco. They could have just said “it’s too late” or “can’t change“, etc. But instead, Debbie Tower and her crew from FDOT worked to make our dream, Keith’s dream, a reality, so for years to come we



will all enjoy this breathtaking view of Marco as we drive over the bridge. Thanks to everyone for making it happen, including Bill Trotter and all the MPO board members.  I love to see a plan come together!

You probably know all the facts already, like the cost of the design/build job is $25.5 million, funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act; but in case you don’t, here are a few more. The County contributed $5.6 million in local stimulus funds. The new span will carry southbound traffic to Marco Island; the existing bridge will carry northbound traffic from Marco towards U.S.41 E. The new span includes two 12-foot travel lanes, a 6-foot inside shoulder, a 10-foot outside shoulder, an 8-foot sidewalk on the west side, and lighting. There will also be new roadway built connecting to the new bridge. Both the City of Marco and Collier County will plant and maintain landscaping on their respective sides of the bridge.

Landside pile driving is expected to start on the north side of the bridge in several weeks. Crews will



begin road construction on the south side of the bridge very soon.

The Collier County Transportation Dept. will be coordinating a meeting regarding the U.S.41/Collier Blvd. intersection improvements this summer. Currently they are in the process of a project development and environmental report re-evaluation and design. If anyone would be interested in attending that meeting, please contact Connie Deane at 252-8192 to add your name to the list.

I’m not sure if anyone is interested in entertainment off the Island, but a little place called Bayshore Landing Café, 2727 Bayshore Dr. in East Naples, has Bluegrass from 7-10 pm on Friday’s, Open Mic on Wednesday’s from 7-11 pm, and featured acts on Saturday’s, such as May 22 – Vanilla Crosby and Acoustic Addiction (Rock/Jazz/Funk), and May 29; Naples Jazz Syndicate. I went there the other night to hear “West of Galway”, the Irish band who won the national contest, which is sending all of them to Ireland very soon. It feels so eclectic there. I like stuff like that, and so do a few of my Marco friends, so I figured others do as well. They serve light food, beer and wine. The phone is 417-2218, and they even have a website

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