Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Joint Council/Commissioner Meeting Held

The joint meeting of the Collier County Board of Commissioners and the Marco Island City Council took place last week at the County Commissioners Chambers in Naples. During a previous city council meeting and at the first workshop leading up to the joint meeting, Chairman Larry Honig had conveyed to his city council colleagues that the commissioners only wished to speak about the issue of Goodland Road.

At an initial workshop regarding strategy for the joint meeting, Councilman Joe Batte requested his colleagues concentrate only on Goodland Road and deal with the COPCN issue and parking issues on Marco Island at a later date. Chairman Honig relayed discussions he had with the county manager, saying that the limited discussion would take place, even though he had requested an expanded conversation.

When the county published the agenda, the items concerning Goodland Road, the possible application for a COPCN and parking issues on the island were now on it. Council would then hold a second workshop to deal with an expanded agenda and discuss how to proceed. GOODLAND ROAD

In regards to Goodland Road, Chairman Honig stated the following: “As soon as practical we want to turn over our interest in the inter-local agreement to Collier County so you can begin to act immediately for the remediation action necessary.”

Honig further stated that the city would walk away from the $2,000,000 owed to the city over the last two years under the provisions of the inter-local agreement and would write a check for $1,500,000 that the city was holding in impact fees to make the road issue a county responsibility.

Commissioner Fiala suggested that the city join with the county for state grants for this project.

The maintenance of the roadway would now be the responsibility of the county, however, there was no commitment to making it an elevated roadway. Commissioner

Saunders commented that “I’m not sure that the scope of the road will be as envisioned by some of the folks looking at it,” said Saunders.

Because it was a workshop setting a vote would have to be taken at a future commissioners’ meeting. COPCN ISSUE

County Manager Leo Ochs restated the longstanding policy of past boards to consider integration of the countywide EMS system into a singular entity should the Collier County Fire Districts choose to consolidate into one countywide system and turn EMS over to that entity. He was careful to point out that the present board had not opined on that issue and thought any discussion was premature. Ochs joked that consolidation has been spoken about since 1986 when he first arrived in Collier County.

Manager Ochs did comment that the county would look forward to evaluating a COPCN application if and when one was provided for review.

Discussion on standards for response time was widely discussed. Councilman Grifoni reminded commissioners that even though the numbers looked good, that a slight delay over time could greatly impact future numbers and service to residents.

Commissioner Saunders commented that he didn’t have a problem with either Marco or the City of Naples receiving their COPCN, but that care should be standardized throughout the county.

At the upcoming June 5th meeting of the Marco Island City Council the issue will once again be aired and Councilman Bob Brown is prepared to offer a motion to prepare the application for the certificate. Other councilors are prepared to offer amendments, but it is clear that council is prepared to move forward in some manner. PARKING

Councilor Charlette Roman briefed county commissioners on the establishment of an Ad-Hoc Parking Solutions Committee and would keep the county advised as to the progress and where a collaborative effort might be utilized moving forward.

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