Monday, October 18, 2021

Jerry Gibson seeks re-election



By Coastal Breeze News Staff 

Reflecting on his first term as city council member, Jerry Gibson says, “When I ran four years ago my campaign slogan was ‘Be Positive;’ as I seek a final term, my campaign slogan is ‘Stay Positive.’ I’ve decided to run for a final term to continue projecting that ‘Stay Positive’ attitude in the interest of our residents and businesses.”

“In the past four years there have been a number of excellent developments resulting from the cooperative efforts of people adopting a positive attitude. Considering the economic conditions of the past three years, the council has done a remarkable job of controlling expenses while providing services the public needs and wants. Serving on the current budget committee, I am proud that we have maintained last year’s millage rate and reduced taxes.”

As a 26 year resident of Marco Island, Jerry has built a reputation for honesty, integrity, candidness and openness. He stimulates constructive discussions, aiming to identify problems and develop answers. He says, “The easiest thing to do is recognize problems, but it is rare for people to seek the cause and even more rare that people offer positive solutions. I love the challenge of being a problem solver. My strength is identifying the cause and my positive approach to life generally leads to a solution.”

Jerry points to successful actions during his term, and his tenure as chairman. “We had a budget surplus last year during a serious economic turndown. Not many smaller – and even larger – communities performed that well. Our bond rating is excellent. We have not raised taxes. The community looks better than ever. Our staff levels are under strict control, and our city government is operating efficiently.

“There is always room to do more, but our positive approach enables us to accomplish even more. Looking forward I believe we should focus on continued budget controls, work on recommendations regarding parking, our bridges, Veterans Park, Mackle Park, and a plan for Marco’s Midtown. Proper planning is vital for the continued success of Marco Island, but it’s important to remember that a plan is just that – a blueprint that can and will probably be changed. Someone once said the definition of a plan is that, ‘It is something you depart from!’ Fortunately, in our planning process we are getting more and more public input, as with the Mackle Park Master Plan. We still need much more communication from residents on such issues as the Midtown.”

He goes on to assess his relationship with other members of the City Council: “I really enjoy the openness and civility of debate. I respect all the members whether we are in agreement or not. They work hard and spend long hours in preparation for our meetings. One asset I believe I bring to council is responding to questions with common sense answers. More and more that is the way the way the staff, committees and council have also been reacting to public needs.”

He concludes “I’m dedicated to our outstanding community and hope that I shall have the opportunity to continue serving it.”

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