Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Jared Grifoni Announces His Campaign for Re-Election to The Marco Island City Council

Jared Grifoni | Submitted Photo

Jared Grifoni has recently announced his campaign for re-election to the Marco Island City Council. Jared is the first candidate to file his candidacy paperwork for the November 2020 election with the Marco Island City Clerk. 

“Almost four years ago, I reached out to our citizens and announced my candidacy for the Marco Island City Council. I had never run for office before, but I knew I was ready to undertake the journey together with you. I ran to serve our community because my wonderful family and I love everything about Marco Island. We wanted to do our part to give back and work hard for this amazing Island community that has been so good to us,” Jared Grifoni wrote in his announcement.  

“It has been such a tremendous honor to serve as one of your City Councilors since 2016 and I am truly humbled by the amount of support I have continued to receive over the years. I have demonstrated my commitment to our community side-by-side with my wife Elsa and our children Calvin, Tosca, and Lorenzo on the campaign trail and while supporting our island’s events, civic groups, and charities over the years. I have remembered my promises and pledges to you every day of my term and I have delivered on them. There is so much more we can still accomplish, and I am ready to take on the challenges together with all of you. 

In conclusion, Grifoni wrote, “Today, I am renewing my commitment to each of you and our wonderful city by announcing my candidacy for re-election to the Marco Island City Council. Over the next four years, we will keep working together to achieve our goals of lower taxes and fiscal accountability, protection of our island wildlife and environment, responsible budgeting that is focused on citizens’ priorities, and safeguarding of individual and property rights. We will continue to create opportunities that benefit Marco Island citizens today while preserving it for future generations to come. We will accomplish this on a foundation of fiscal conservatism with a track record of success to back it up. I am committed to our community and our shared future.” 

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