Wednesday, December 1, 2021

It’s the Little Things in Life that Touch Your Heart

Photos by Jory Westberry
| Sunsets? Priceless


Our neighbors’ daughter was distraught while walking their dog down our street and explained that her parents were going to move and couldn’t take their dog. She was unable to take her because she already had three dogs. We had always adored this Spaniel mix of happy sprite, a Heinz 57 kind of pooch.

These precious flowers are smaller than half your pinky nail, but so beautiful.

We had grieved and missed our black Labrador since March of 2020, a total year until this serendipitous conversation in the middle of the street in March of 2021. My husband and I smiled.

Leap from then to today. Our dog is the most loveable, intelligent pup imaginable, and it was a stroke of luck/fate that she came to be with us. I’ve been teaching her hand signals for behaviors and she receives an “A” for her efforts. The only thing that is concerning is her fear of riding in a car, but we’re working on that one.

The point of this article is to accentuate the positive small things in life. The excitement that she shows us when we’re gone and come home, the loving lick of her tongue on our hands, how she wags her tail delightedly when we go for walks. 

It’s been a long, challenging year for sure, but our new companion, the sprout of a seed in a pot, the cooler temperature, the sunlight in the morning, the wind that ruffles the palm fronds, the happy chirping and clicking of the Purple Martins in their four-tiered condo are all positives that nurture the soul.

Getting groceries last week was an eye-opener. When I turned into the produce section, it was perfectly stocked with all the different colors of fruits and vegetables in precision piles and just gorgeous. How often do we take the abundance of choice for granted or the hard-working employees who are unloading massive trucks and making fresh food safely available for us? Are we spoiled and non-appreciative of the big little things?

We’re all familiar with the expression, “Take time to smell the roses,” which has been around forever, it seems. But when do we really do this? If nothing else, being “cooped up” has allowed time to create, plant, trim, move things around for better aesthetics, try new recipes, read, do art projects, clean out cabinets and adore our new pup.

Taking her on walks is a special time. While she sniffs, I check out the littlest things in the grass, flowers that are so tiny, they probably go unnoticed. And if they’re weeds, who cares, they’re pretty, complex, and miraculous. Look down and look closely, you’ll be amazed in any “wild” area of non-manicured lawn.

We’ve discovered the neighborhood burrowing owls and watch them from a distance to see how they’re growing and changing. Some of the youngsters are fledging farther from the nest, but then come back home. They don’t know the dangers of standing in the street, and the way some people drive, I worry. What a gift to have nature so close. The Frangipani are blooming all over the county and the colors are magnificent against the blue sky. Feel the peace in taking your time to appreciate the little things in life.




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