Sunday, November 28, 2021

It’s Christmas, after all!



Body, Mind And Spirit
Dianne Saywell

I was getting off an airplane recently. The double “bing bong” was heard, signaling the passengers it was safe to unbuckle and stand up. It is a process — always slower than we would like — for everyone to collect their belongings and file out with some semblance of order. In my area, mid-plane, we were beginning the shuffle towards the front when a man spoke loudly from somewhere in front: “My jacket is back in the overhead bin somewhere, could someone pass it up?”

The plane was not full, so we were allowed to spread out once we were at cruising altitude, and this man apparently moved to a seat further up. I lifted the one overhead bin not yet open, and just ahead of me was his jacket. Someone ahead held it in the air for him to see, and when it was made clear it was the jacket, he said, “I will pass it up! After all, it’s Christmas!” Without even thinking, I opened my mouth and asked, “And if it was June, you would say NO?” There were a few low chuckles around me; whereas I meant to be a little humorous, BUT geez, just because it’s Christmas?

There is a particular lightness to the air that can be felt at holiday time. It is in part a feeling of being connected by a holiday? That holiday has different meanings to different individuals, but results in a feeling of, dare we say, joy? The word holiday derives from old England’s “holy day.” It’s meaning could be used to describe a week off in the summer from our jobs and routines, or one of the several “Hallmark holidays” on the calendar, or holy days of the liturgical calendar. This time of year, I like to think of it as just that, Holy Day(s). A time to ponder the true meaning of Christmas. As the man pointed out on the airplane, he could have said, “Sure! It’s Chanukah!” when asked to pass the passenger’s jacket up the isle.

It is a time to ponder, reflect and appreciate humanity perhaps, and realize there is something so much bigger and beyond our comprehension present here. For those who observe Christmas, we find ourselves 2000 years later still celebrating the birth of an amazing prophet and savior — full of love and giving and peace. For those who honor other traditions, it is safe to say they are celebrating something that reflects upon freedom, love, unity. Let us ring in the new year and, after these “holy days” are over, try to keep that reference in our hearts and minds and actions all year long. Let every day be a holy day.

Wishing the readers a Joy filled Holiday and many blessings for the New Year!


Dianne Saywell works full time at a local dental office where she educates and helps maintain the oral health of the patients as a dental hygienist. She also spends her time introducing people to and sharing the healing power of YOGA, and the health it brings to the body, mind and spirit. Yoga, along with many other great classes, is offered at Healthy Body/Marco Fitness Club.

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