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It’s Back to School Time



By Coastal Breeze News Staff 

Collier County School District’s first day of school is Monday, August 15th. Coastal Breeze News wants to wish all students and their families a smooth transition back to school. To assist, we have put together some information to make it a little easier.

Tax Free Weekend 

Back to school means that once again it is time to buy school supplies, and the State of Florida is offering a Tax Free Weekend August 5-7 to help parents’ pocketbooks. Florida’s tax free weekend applies to school supplies ($15 or less per item), clothing and bags/backpacks ($60 or less per item), and more.

“School supplies” include: pens, pencils, erasers, crayons, notebooks, notebook filler paper, legal pads, binders, lunch boxes, construction paper, markers, folders, poster board, composition books, poster paper, scissors, cellophane tape, glue, paste, rulers, computer disks, protractors, compasses, and calculators.

“Clothing” means: any article of wearing apparel, including all footwear.  Clothing does not include watches, jewelry, umbrellas, or handkerchiefs.

For the full list of exempt and non-exempt items, as well as a detailed explanation of the rules and requirements, go to


Bus Schedules Available Online 

Collier County Public Schools (CCPS) bus schedules for students needing transportation to attend any of the district’s schools are available online.

To find the location of your bus stop, visit the district website at and click on the “Bus Stops” link located in the “Quick Links” section on the left side of the page. You will need to enter your child’s student ID and birthdate to access their assigned bus information.

If you have questions that cannot be answered by viewing the bus schedule online, call the CCPS Transportation Department for your region:

S.Naples/Marco:? 239-377-1021

Golden Gate:? 239-377-1022

North Naples:? 239-377-1023

Golden Gate Estates:? 239-377-1024

North Central Naples:? 239-377-1025

East Naples:? 377-1026

Immokalee:? 377-1027


Free Back to School Haircuts  

For the eighth year, Rick’s Island Salon is offering free back to school haircuts for any child, teacher or school employee that will be going back to school in Collier County this fall. The program runs until August 31. Call the salon at 239-642-6696 to make an appointment.

School Information: 

Tommie Barfield Elementary  

101 Kirkwood Street, Marco Island


School Hours: 8:25 AM-2:50 PM

Dress Code 2016 – 2017:

Tops: Girls and boys solid colored short or long sleeved shirts with collars are approved with no logo or with a 1?4-inch design that does not represent a brand name such as Abercrombie, GAP, Hollister, etc.

Bottoms: Solid colored pant, or shorts in approved colors: khaki, white, black or navy blue. Skirts (with attached or separate shorts) and shorts must reach to the end of fingertips. No denim, nylon or sweat pants material (including leggings). Tights and leggings, preferably solid colors, must be worn under skirts or shorts, but not alone.

For further details on the dress code and for a school supply list by grade, go to the school’s website (


Manatee Elementary School 

1880 Manatee Road, Naples


School Hours: 8:25 AM- 2:50 PM

Dress Code 2016 – 2017:

Tops: Any color polo shirt with collar (no logo, stripes, or decorations).

Bottoms: Slacks, capri pants, walking shorts, skirts, or skorts. Navy blue or khaki. A belt is required.

Shoes: Sneakers or athletic shoes.

For full uniform requirements and school supply list, go to the school’s website (


Manatee Middle School 

1920 Manatee Road, Naples


School Hours: 9:05 AM–3:15 PM

Dress Code 2016 – 2017:

Tops: Any color polo shirt, but it must be a solid color with no logos. T-shirts are not allowed. No bare skin exposed at waist.

Bottoms: Pants, shorts and skirts must be khaki. Skirts must reach knees. Brown or black belt required if garment has belt loops.

Full dress code guidelines and supply list may be found at the school’s website (


Marco Island Charter Middle School 

1404 Trinidad Ave., Marco Island


School Hours: 7:50 AM-3 PM

Dress Code 2016 – 2017:

Tops: Must be blue, teal or white polo or button down shirt, but 8th graders only may also wear a black polo.

Bottoms: Pants or skirt must be navy or light khaki.  Skirts must be longer than fingertips when arms are at the student’s sides. Go to the school’s website for details on the dress code and supply lists by grade (

Lely High School

1 Lely High School Blvd., Naples


School Hours: 7:10 AM-2:05 PM

Uniform is not required. Check the school website ( for dress code and supply lists.


Marco Island Academy  

2255 San Marco Road, Marco Island


School Hours: 8:25 AM-3:15 PM

Uniform is not required. Check the school website ( for dress code and supply lists.

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