Wednesday, October 20, 2021

It’s ‘All Hands-on Deck’ for Chamber of Commerce at Beach Clean-up

Just to make it more interesting, the Marco Island Chamber of Commerce, sponsor for the June 8th Beach Clean Up, got very “hands-on.”

All 30+ volunteers dumped their buckets of trash into a large blue tarp while the Chamber of Commerce’s Dianna Dohm, Katie O’Hara and Donna Niemczyk sorted and categorized the collection. Recyclable plastics were separated from the general trash; bottle caps; plastic straws and cigarette butts were bagged and labeled.

The Beach and Coastal Resources Advisory Committee will be trying this new method of collection and recording of data for the remainder of 2018. It is a way to make sure that Marco’s newly implemented “Ban on Plastic Straws” on the beach is being followed. There are several newly installed “No Smoking Signs” on the beach. Cigarette butts will be collected and counted.

For sea turtle season, special attention is also being focused on large and deep holes left on the beach. These holes are death traps for hatchlings. The first set of hatchlings are expected around mid-July – those are the nests in front of Marriott Crystal Shores. Let’s all do our part to make sure our beaches are clean and healthy for everyone.


Katie O’Hara of Chamber of Commerce giving the “thumbs down” on beach trash. Photos by Maria Lamb

Katie O’Hara, Dianna Dohm and Donna Niemczyk of the Chamber of Commerce with a rare find of a “PC” Barbie. This belongs to the “collectible” bag.

The two-hour collection of cigarette butts.

A bucket of bottle caps and one flip flop.

Big pieces of lumber along the surf and dunes and a “Fighting Irish” baseball cap.


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