Wednesday, January 19, 2022

It’s a wrap for Video Showcase

Still renting latest releases through May. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

Still renting latest releases through May. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

By Coastal Breeze News Staff 

Sad to say, it’s true. Just like the old movies have the customary “THE END” shown on the screen at the end. Video Showcase is closing its door just as the large signs say. Beth and Michael Gerhardstein opened Video Showcase on Marco Island 23 years ago. We’ve seen a variety of changes over the years from VHS to DVD and computer games in a variety of formats. Then add Blu-ray, HD and 3D. It may be hard to fight the age of convenient store kiosks, but there was nothing better than a friendly face and some knowledgeable guidance at Video Showcase. “We taught all of the kids that worked for us over the years to be courteous.” It went beyond courteous, where else could you get a personal movie review that took your tastes into consideration? “That particular movie is a little slow, or you won’t like that movie but your kids might.” After a couple of visits, they treated you like family. Inevitably, their suggestions were right on the money.

“Our sons, Sean and Matt, are pretty well set. Sean is working for a great local company and Matt is going into the Navy. We will stay until he enters the SWCC which is a special insert and extraction team for Special

Beth shows remaining DVD’s.

Beth shows remaining DVD’s.

Forces,” said Beth. One long-term employee, John Burke, is now working at Winn-Dixie. “John is just like one of our boys,” says Beth. John had been with them for 12 years.

When asked if the new owners of Town Center Mall had influenced this decision, Beth said, “No, but we realize we aren’t comfortable signing a long-term lease. We always knew once the boys were settled we could move onto something else. They had to be far enough along before we made any decisions concerning the business. Now we just have to decide what else to do. It will be a major change for us no matter what. This has been our life for 23 years. We’ve watched kids grow up and now they’re bringing in their kids.”

What about all of those DVD’s? “We have tons of inventory! Everything in the store is for sale,” said Beth. “Better come in early for the best selection. If you have a favorite movie or movie collection or just want to pick up a few movies to entertain the kids, we’ll be selling our stock through the end of May.”

Beth continued, “We want to thank our customers who allowed us to be their family video store. We have really enjoyed you.” Stop by, pick up a movie and let them know they’ll be missed!

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