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It’s a matter of etiquette

At the School of Protocol, children learn Table Etiquette.

At the School of Protocol, children learn Table Etiquette.

Marco resident, Nancy Boyer, has been qualified to give valuable training to children in etiquette, providing them with the skills that will help them to function a little more easily in this highly competitive world in which they are growing up. Boyer has recently been certified to become a children’s etiquette consultant, having completed two extensive training courses at the American School of Protocol®?.

Nancy Boyer’s training for children focuses on etiquette that can be applied to modern life situations: feeling comfortable with peers and adults, dining skills, and confidence building self-esteem. She will teach children in one-on-one sessions or small groups. Alternatively, she can teach grandparents and parents how to

Nancy with Alex Garcia.

Nancy with Alex Garcia.

teach their children etiquette.

In a group setting, children are encouraged to introduce themselves and one another to each other; they play a memory game to practice remembering new names; and they tell something about themselves to the rest of the group as an ice-breaker. To make them more comfortable, they are encouraged to admit they didn’t really want to come the session, that is if they really didn’t! Walking into a room of people and introducing themselves, and dining with others at home and in public, are just some of the lessons Nancy provides. For example, the children are seated at a table, shown the correct table utensils and how



to use them, and taught to wait for the hostess before beginning to eat.

The American School of Protocol®? is run by Peggy Newfield in Atlanta, GA. Peggy has been featured on CNN, and has taught more than 10,000 students at her school. Nancy Boyer has a daughter and a son, and two grandchildren. A full-time resident of Marco since 1982, she has been an active Realtor for forty years, and was named Realtor of the Year in 1989.  Prior to coming to Marco Island, Nancy Boyer owned and operated a private kindergarten and nursery school in New Hampshire.

If you would like more information on etiquette training for children, contact Nancy Boyer at 239-860-6178.

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