Wednesday, October 20, 2021

It Was All About Forgetting the Dress Islanders Come Through for Mother of the Bride on Wedding Day

Photos by Scott H. Shook |
Katie Kinman with sister Lili Kinman at Lili’s beach wedding on Marco. Lili was unaware that her sister’s dress was locked away in the dry cleaners until hours before the wedding.

The number of details Suzie Kinman was juggling for her daughter’s recent destination beach wedding on Marco Island probably outnumber the 1,046 miles between here and her hometown of Louisville. Given that, can you blame a girl for forgetting her youngest daughter Katie’s bridesmaid’s dress at the dry cleaners?

At 10 PM Saturday night Kinman realized she had forgotten to pick up her teen-aged daughter’s bridesmaid dress at Professional Dry Cleaners of Marco, who, incidentally, were closed on Sunday—her daughter Lili’s wedding day.

“We were supposed to pick up the dress on Saturday morning at 8 AM,” Kinman said, “but we totally forgot about it because we were doing manis and pedis. We got home and realized around 5:30 that we didn’t have Katie’s bridesmaid dress. We called everybody, we looked at all the buildings (surrounding the dry cleaners). We’re like, ‘Do we want to shake the doors and make the fire alarm go off?’ We said ‘No.’

“So Sunday morning we go to Hoot’s restaurant and everybody knows the guy who owns the dry cleaners. His name is Don. But nobody knew his phone number. The people at Hoot’s were extremely helpful. Extremely. There were like four of them making phone calls. Even the owner was making phone calls. They made calls and calls and calls while we ate breakfast. They finally got ahold of the building manager, who was in Cape Coral.”

Amiable Hoot’s owner Bruce Hayne downplayed his role. “There were four people who came in Sunday morning,” Hayne said. “They had forgot to pick the dress up on Saturday. They’re panicked. They ask me if I have the number to the dry cleaners. Well, I didn’t have Don’s cell phone number. So I called the owner of the plaza, Albino Battiggi, and he didn’t have Don’s number. But he said, ‘You can call my son Milko, he has a key.’ So I called Milko. I just made some calls, that was all.”

Milko Battiggi, like Hayne, totally downplayed his role in getting the dress back to Kinman. “Everybody I know would have done the same thing,” Battiggi said.

Hoot’s owner Bruce Hayne downplayed his role in getting the dress back to the Kinmans in time for the wedding.

“I didn’t do much,” Battiggi said. “Tell you the truth, that happens about once a month, someone locks themselves out. I was in Cape Coral, tried to get ahold of the owner (of the dry cleaners); couldn’t get ahold of him because it was a Sunday. It’s part of what being a landlord is. It’s not anything extraordinary. It’s an interesting story that somebody forgot their wedding dress. The back story on that is, ‘how do you forget that?’”

“We thought that was way over the top that he drove in from Cape Coral,” Kinman said.

Kinman’s husband Billy met Milko, and the two of them found Katie’s dress inside the dry cleaners.

Kinman was extremely relieved when she set her eyes on the dress around 2 PM Sunday. The sunset wedding was only hours away.

Katie was not nearly as upset about the dress as her mother was.

“She said, ‘Mom, I’m not going to worry about it right now,” Kinman said, “I’ve got to take care of Lili.’”

So Lili, the bride, must have been concerned, right?

“Oh we didn’t tell Lili,” Kinman said. “She was not the most calm bride, to put it nicely. We didn’t want to give her anything else to worry about. She still doesn’t know,” she said with a laugh.

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