Monday, October 18, 2021

Isles of Capri Christmas Eve Golf Cart Parade

This December 24th, Christmas Eve, will mark the twelfth anniversary of what has become Southwest Florida’s must-see event. The Isles of Capri Christmas Eve Golf Cart Parade. Come join the fun as spectators line the streets to see dozens of brightly lit golf carts parade by. The parade route encompasses the entire Isles of Capri so every resident and guest will have a chance to view this spectacular and festive event.

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The parade originated when we, along with a group of our friends, decided to decorate our five golf carts, just for fun, and drive around the island on Christmas Eve. When we drove down the streets on Isles of Capri honking horns and jingling bells, a surprising number of residents came out of their homes to share in the Christmas & holiday cheer. It seemed that since most families were home on Christmas Eve, there would be a good audience, especially if they had advance notice. Since then the parade has grown to over 60 carts last year and a fantastic turnout of spectators as well with lawn chairs lining the streets.

So make your Christmas really special and come join the fun. The Isles of Capri Christmas Eve Golf Cart Parade starts at dusk near the corner of Capri Blvd and San Juan Avenue near the big Isles of Capri sign.

If you want to be IN the parade, it’s not necessary to sign up, just show up in your decorated golf cart between 5:15 -6:00 PM by the big Isles of Capri sign.
We get underway at dusk, about 6:00/6:15 PM. The entire route takes about 1.5 hours and is LOADS of fun. So, decorate those carts, light ‘em up and join us!

Questions? Call Nancy and Otis, 239-776-5757 or email


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