Friday, October 15, 2021

Islanders Should Prepare for Major Construction Projects

Island Is Abuzz with Activity 

Marco Island is abuzz with activity regarding construction projects as season approaches and the influx of seasonal visitors is quickly approaching. Some of that activity is commercial in nature, some are utility oriented while residential housing continues to keep contractors busy with larger and larger homes being built. 

Scheduling of some of these projects always comes under close scrutiny, especially as regards to anticipated traffic flow issues are anticipated. 

Mainsail Utility Project 

For the last several months, residents have been impacted by a major construction project which will see water and wastewater lines run over to the area of Mainsail Drive just over the Jolly Bridge. 

As part of the acquisition contract regarding the purchase of Florida Water Services almost 20 years ago, the city of Marco Island became responsible for providing that area with fresh drinking water and the treatment of their wastewater. We have been purchasing that drinking water from the county until recently, but upon completion of the project presently underway it will become more cost affordable to provide water treated from our own utility, rather than purchasing it from the county. 

At the same time, the city will be bringing the wastewater created from those residents, back over to what is referred to as our North Treatment Facility on Elkcam Circle. An older and soon to be non-conforming treatment facility will be decommissioned rather than replaced, allowing us to utilize available capacity at the North Treatment Facility saving ratepayers money. 

Over the next week, one of the last linkages to the facilities here on the island will be constructed but will probably cause a disruption to traffic in the area of the U.S. Post Office during one of its busiest weeks of the year. Residents do have the opportunity to utilize two alternate Postal Stations. 

The first of those is the Keep in Touch sub-station located in the Publix Shopping Plaza near San Marco Road and Barfield. The second substation that is located on the island is at the Sunshine Bookstore located just south of the Winterberry/South Collier intersection. Utilizing one of these two alternatives may alleviate some traffic congestion in the area of the main Postal Facility near Elkcam and North Collier. 

Marco Town Center Plaza 

A major renovation project is underway at that facility. Considerable reduction in parking availability may at times be in evidence. Workers are carrying out various degrees of construction within that complex and some disruption of normal traffic and pedestrian flows may at times be in evidence. 

At times, entrances and exits may be blocked and an alternate access and egress should be considered. 

Because of these traffic conditions, drivers and pedestrians are urged to exercise caution while maneuvering in these commercial properties. 

951 Road Resurfacing 

Planning Specialist and Community Liaison from the FDOT, Victoria Peters reported to the Collier County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) at the June 10th, 2019 meeting that they had received their notice to proceed on May 28nd, 2019. That work would include milling and resurfacing, base work, shoulder treatment, drainage improvements, curb and gutter, sidewalk, guardrail, signing and pavement marking, signalization, and lighting over the 3 plus miles between Fiddlers Creek and the Jolly Bridge. 

Some that preliminary layout of that work is being done as we write this article with major construction to begin shortly.  

Shops of Marco Expecting a Major Facelift 

The Shops of Marco located at the intersection of San Marco and Barfield has begun what is expected to be a major facelift over the next 12 to 18 months. The plaza which is owned by Publix itself has begun some demolition on the property which has removed a section of former retail space as it prepares for a facelift and an eventual demolition of its older Publix store and the construction of a new and state of the art facility to service the changing demographic of its customer base. 

That construction is not anticipated until after May of 2020. 

Veterans Community Park 

During the next 12 months, significant progress should be coming to Veterans Community Park as the vision for that investment two decades ago is being finalized and discussion regarding how to pay for those capital improvements will have to be held and the hard decisions as to how to pay for those items will have to be dealt with. 

Major improvements to parking around the park on Joy Circle, Park Avenue and Elkcam are all part of that work to be done. 

Residential Construction Humming Along 

No matter where you drive in and around the island, major residential construction is ongoing. Smaller old-style Deltona homes are coming down and new, larger homes are springing up on those expensive lots to take advantage of great views and water access. 

Non-waterfront lots are also seeing homes being built throughout the island as families look to take advantage of what the island has to offer. 

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