Friday, October 15, 2021

Island Pedaler – Let’s be a Friendly Bicycle Friendly Community

Photo by Scott Shook | A friendly rider from the recent Tour de Marco 7.

Photo by Scott Shook | A friendly rider from the recent Tour de Marco 7.

By Scott Shook

In recent years, the City of Marco Island has gone to great lengths to become a bicycle community. It formed a Bike Pathways Committee—of which I’m proud to be a member—that is working hard to complete its master plan of a network of shared-use paths (wide sidewalks) and in-road bike lanes.

The results have been impressive—thanks largely to a dynamic bike committee chairman named Al Musico and a very cooperative city council. The city has created over 40 miles of pathways for islanders and visitors to enjoy.

It’s a fact that you can now go almost anywhere on the island and always be on a shared-use path or in-road bicycle lane.

Now I’d like to encourage our bike friendly community to really make an effort to put the friendly into their bike friendly community.

This is not to say that bicyclists on Marco Island aren’t friendly—because many are. I just think we should be like Minnesotans who pride themselves of being “Minnesota nice.”

Maybe we can borrow from the local boaters who, almost without fail, wave to their fellow-boats when they pass each other on the island’s waterways.

Let’s give it a try, Marco Island. Try giving a wave and a friendly hello to your fellow cyclists on your next bicycle ride.

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