Friday, October 15, 2021

Island Country Club final tennis results

By Coastal Breeze News Staff 

The final tournament of the Island Country Club 2012 Tennis season was contested last weekend. The Member/ Member Mixed Doubles Championship featured 10 teams playing in 2 divisions.

A preliminary round robin event placed the competitors in a playoff for the Championship of either the A Combined 7.5 level or the B Combined 7.0 level.

The “A” group finished with Brock Wilson and Rene Lentz at #1 with 15 games and at #2 were Ray and Louise Jean with 14 games.

In the playoff between those top two teams Ray and Louise Jean survived 3 match points and a 2- 5 deficit to squeak out a win in a tiebreaker 7 points to 5 for the 2012 “A” Championship.

The “B” group finished with Top scoring Julie Maly and Rene Champagne – 19 games, and the #2 finishers John and Marilyn Wrucke who had 16 games qualifying to meet in the championship playoff set. Maly and Champagne edged out the Wruckes 6-4 for the “B” Championship even though Rene Champagne injured himself earlier in the event.

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