Sunday, February 5, 2023

Is your business newsworthy?



Camden Smith
DREAMFly Marketing

To be newsworthy means to be interesting. If this were true, every newspaper in every community would have to write articles from the thousands of press releases editors receive each day.

This month, we will review what makes business news newsworthy. Last month, we provided tips for amplifying seasonal marketing strategies, one of which was to focus on newsworthy publicity. A board of directors may find a new CEO exciting, but unless the company sending this type of announcements is a national brand, most of time this type of press release will hit the editor’s waste basket. Publicity is defined as promoting or gaining exposure for a business or an organization’s project such as a special event. It is a key part of strategic marketing plans, which every business should have.

While writing press releases is easy for publicity experts, for business owners it may prove a challenge. Often business owners focus on the less important facts of a story and more on self promotional language and information. Use these easy tips for writing press releases: focus on economic trends and connections, view news from a consumer perspective not the business’s, write for the media not a board of directors and finally, analyze if you read the news whether you would find it interesting.

Tell the media why the release is important with a very strong lead. Rather than leading an event press release with the name of the event, the date and time, lead with a benefit-rich statement on how the event helps consumers. As a marketing agency owner, it is often the agency’s job to walk a fine line between pleasing a client and writing material that will also capture the media’s attention. Embrace control as a business owner or manager and learn what interests the audience.

Just because boring news is interesting to a business, does not make it interesting to consumers or the media. It is easier to think about newsworthy as a measure on how beneficial or interesting a news item is.

Take advantage of free online services to distribute press releases to national and international media members such as Pitch Engine. Make press releases newsworthy and boost publicity. Even if you hire a PR expert to write a release, the publicity will deliver more than a thousand percent of that cost back to the business in advertising savings.

Be publicity smart. Write newsworthy content, and you will improve media relations as well as profits. A few press release sites that provide free or paid memberships: Pitch Engine, PR Web, PR Newswire,

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