Monday, November 29, 2021

Is Romance Dead?

All That Glitters

It seems to me the severe lack of good news has caused many of us to become callused to any kind of news whatsoever. I have recently limited my intake while on a stay in the state vacation both of the real newsthe fake stations and the now toxic social media outletsWhen did Facebook become a political battleground that takes no prisoners? What happened to cute puppy videos and what restaurant I am eating at this giving moment? I have become jaundiced watching any news channels. Within minutes, I either shut it off or resort to watching old TV shows like Andy Griffith or “R.F.D. Mayberry to remind me of times that were so much different, and when life was very simple I might add. 

Another discerning thing present times has unconsciously created is the lack of simple romance or at best the erosion of what was known as romance, known to so many of us from older generations. Nonsense! Many of you may say, so when was the last time you either gave or for that matter received a bouquet of flowers or a simple piece of jewelry for a “just because I love you reason? 

Oh, I realize with the current pandemic we are all experiencing, I figured poor Cupid is laid up somewhere on a respirator or practicing a stay at home alone policy. Times are pretty hard even for we few romantic types to enjoy a quiet dinner together when what’s going through both your minds while reading the specials, is who last sat at this table or whether or not they sanitized this menu? 

I have noticed the trend that simple romance is waning, and while I have no degree in human behavioral tendencies and make no claim to be an expert in such matters, only my experience of being in the jewelry biz for over a half a century, so who’s the blame here? I’m not one to pull punches or speak my thoughts as many of you know, so I’ll go out on a limb here… it’s the newest generation. I haven’t the foggiest what they call themselves, are they Generation Z’s, X’s or Y’s far as my opinion of most in that alphabet soup is… let’s just say I’m critical. In fact, I’m the reason a few of them walk the face of this Earth and frankly many others—not all, but most—in their age group I call the “I couldn’t give a rat’s arse generation.” Give someone flowers! Heck no… They just die a waste of money! Send a greeting or birthday card, you kidding, I don’t even think half of them know how to write, they are awesome at texting and playing video games though. Then they don’t even consider a simple phone call with the apparatus they have surgically attached to their skulls, so the thought of a memento like a piece of jewelry is not an option in fact it doesn’t even enter their minds! When I question the before mentioned subjects that are in my opinion still important with most of my generationBaby Boomers, in case you are wondering? 

The answer from my son and someone his age is… its not my thing! That infuriating reply is right up there with “whatever! Or I’m told that is something my generation would do and that it’s so old fashioned. Wow! When did simple romance become old fashioned? It must have been after Adam gave Eve that diamond tennis bracelet, no I mean an apple! She would have better appreciated the diamond bracelet and we would have avoided the debacle of 2020 and bad centuries gone past by not offending the Big Guy. 

I think it might behoove my son to watch a couple of episodes of Mayberry R.F.D. to get a crash course of old-fashioned courting and romance 101 and learn a thing or two! To prove my point, I’m not even worried if an X Y or a Z gets offended by my ranting here, they are less than 3% of my customer base and most are problematic know it all’s who educated themselves about jewelry and diamonds on Google. After they read this article, that 3% may go lower, no love lost there. 

I’m a firm believer that romance is not dead, although during this COVID19 thing it may be on life support. Giving jewelry to someone you care about is all about romance or a way to profess your love or appreciation to friends and family, an engraved piece of jewelry just makes it that much more special. 

I may be getting long on the tooth, have antiquated ideas and morals, yet I’m still in business creating beautiful jewelry for those generations who enjoy fine things and give a gift of love to those that truly appreciate it… even for no reason. 

A diamond is forever and spans all generations. 

Richard Alan is a designer/ goldsmith and owner of the Harbor Goldsmith and has been Marco’s Island jeweler since 1994. He welcomes your questions or comments on All That Glitters at 

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