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By Vincent Giannone

For the past ten months, Iodine Sky, a three piece instrumental band has enticed audiences with their eclectic music. Having only played three live shows to date, their name is infamous for its intense melodic sounds and rhythm. As newly dedicated fans show up for each show, their stage presence and virtuoso styles prove nothing less than perfect for their listeners to enjoy.

Dean Murphy, Jeff and Billy Pogan are the members of Iodine Sky. Spending most of their free time at their professional self-made Pogan Studio the band practices their music to perfection in preparation to impress all audiences alike. As described by the members themselves, “We see ourselves as an instrumental progressive metal band.” The trio is made up of two guitarists, Jeff and Dean, who play the impressive eight stringed guitars, while Billy plays the drums. All of this musical talent is complimented by backing tracks written by the band, which incorporate synthesizers and bass guitar.

There is a lot of thought that goes into writing their music, but even more when it came to developing their name. Dean, the creator of the band name, says “…it took us forever to come up with a name. Every name was either a good song name or a good album name. One day, when listening to my ipod, I played a song called ‘Iodine Sky’ from the band ‘Black Light Burns,’ and the name stuck in my head. During practice later that night I brought it up as a band name and it seemed to stick.”

With a name like Iodine Sky, the audience waits in anticipation for what these guys have to offer. As they step on stage, it appears as though they are seasoned rock legends, strumming along to their jams. Even with their talents, they are still appreciative of their opportunities to play. According to them, their most memorable moments are “…every time we take the stage. We are presenting something that is a niche product and new to most listeners in the area… But, every time we play a show we seem to get peoples attention and the response we have gotten thus far has exceeded all our expectations.”

This is no lie; their music is new and should be of common interest for the residents of south Florida. The music is instrumentally complex and detailed to a point that would make such rock legends as Jimmy Hendrix and Jimmy Page turn their heads and give a listen.

In the details of the music, their influences are sometimes difficult to hide. According to Bill, Iodine Sky’s drummer, has been influenced by a wide variety of bands and genres. These influences include everything from Circa Survive, Modest Mouse, and King Crimson to Sikth and Scale the Summit. As he says, “When I write I try to be as original as possible, but it’s impossible to completely hide your influences.”

Dean finds his musical influences from a variety of genres, which span the musical spectrum from laid back ambient music to sporadic rock n’ roll. Bands such as Fall of Troy, Meshuggah, Imogen Heap and Aphex Twin are those who either directly or indirectly affect his playing.

Jeff on the other hand is influenced mostly by old progressive rock and pop. Bands such as Dream Theater, Animals as Leaders, King Crimson, Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Circa Survive, and Jimmy Eat World form his playing style.

If you enjoy any of the numerous bands that have influenced this trio, give them a listen, they are well worth your time. In order to spread their music to a larger audience, they plan on touring this summer. So catch them while you can, since they will rise quickly and out shine sunny south Florida.


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