Monday, December 6, 2021




Chef Annie 

I’ll admit that cooking with kids is not always easy. I’ve had plenty of spilled milk, dropped eggs, burnt cookies and even a mixing bowl dropped on my toe.

I can remember when my girls, Lauren and Nicole, were 4 and 11 and helping me make cookies for the holidays….I ended up with an entire gallon of spilled milk all over the kitchen floor!

My patience was not always there, but I knew I had to share my love of the kitchen with my two lovely daughters. Often what the eleven year old could do, the four year old wasn’t able, and no matter what I would assign to each of the girls, they had a tendency to fight over who was going to do what. Being the oldest of five daughters I already understood the competition, so I encouraged them to do it together!

I encourage parents to invite their children into the kitchen, to learn about flavors and textures and the time it takes to



prepare foods. It will allow them to experiment and open their world to more than chicken fingers, pizza and grilled cheese.

Start off with a breakfast preparation of scrambled eggs, and ask them what they would like to add to them…cheese? bacon? tomato? Another breakfast treat is pancakes…perhaps they would like to use peanut butter and jelly instead of butter and syrup.

Next, instead of preparing their lunch for them, ask them what they would like to enjoy today? Let them use their imaginations, you may have a soon to be chef on your hands! Our children are what we allow them to be…allow your children to have input, and try out their suggestions.

Enjoy your children today, as you know, they will be adults all too soon!

Chef Annie invites you to enjoy her creativeness at the new Mango’s Dockside Bistro at The Esplanade, previously The Chefs Express of Olde Marco. Her lovely daughter, Lauren, will be there to greet you, as well as her husband, sister and her brother/son…Mike! 

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