Sunday, October 24, 2021

Introducing the GALAHAD Award

Coastal Breeze News and the Marco Island Fire Rescue Foundation are proud to present the first annual Galahad Award. In the coming weeks, an award ceremony will be held with members of the local fire rescue department, city council and Collier County Commissioner, Donna Fiala, to announce the recipient of this fine award.

What exactly IS the Galahad Award? Named for Sir Galahad, the most gallant and pure of King Arthur’s knights of the Round Table, the award seeks to honor the embodiment of these characteristics through life saving actions. Conceived out of the desire to honor the efforts of one particular individual, the Coastal Breeze and the Marco Island Fire Rescue Foundation are pleased to begin an annual tradition that will continue to honor the heroic efforts of businesses, condominium associations and individuals.

While readers won’t learn of the first recipient until Coastal Breeze’s next edition, the opportunity to nominate the next recipient starts now! Do you know a person, business or condominium that has gone above and beyond the call of duty pertaining to a fire or rescue situation? Nominate them today!

Nominees must demonstrate the following in their actions:

• Either PREVENTION or INTERVENTION: Did someone you know intervene during a disastrous situation while waiting for emergency help? Or maybe your business or condominium has updated their fire sprinklers or smoke alarms for prevention purposes?

• INITIATIVE: Taking action is always the first step. Whether it be before a problem exists or intervening during a crisis, willingness to spring into action can mean the difference between life and death.

• AWARENESS: Understanding one’s surroundings and what to do in a critical situation can be crucial. CPR and AED training and knowledge of local emergency response teams and healthcare centers play a major role in diverting disaster.

• COURAGE and BRAVERY: In an emergency situation, it takes a certain set of you-know-what to get involved. Overcoming fear and stepping up to lead in these types of events is something that not everyone is capable of.

The goal of the Galahad Award is to encourage conscientious behavior and actions regarding fire safety and emergency response conditions. The Marco Island community is full of individuals, businesses and condominiums that demonstrate this kind of positive stewardship. But it’s up to you to give them the credit they deserve.

Nominate the next recipient of the Galahad Award by sending a short description of how your choice demonstrated the above actions. Send your nominees to or to the Coastal Breeze headquarters at 1857 San Marco Road, Unit C-216, Marco Island, FL 34145.

Galahad Award recipients will be chosen by the Marco Island Fire Rescue Foundation.

Look to the next edition of the Coastal Breeze to read the courageous story of the first ever recipient of the Galahad Award.

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