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Introducing General Surgeon Dr. Brian Smith



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Scott Lowe
CEO, Physicians
Regional-Collier Blvd

We have all heard the story countless times: the one where “person X” or “person Y” comes to Southwest Florida on vacation and decides to stay. As it turns out, this really happens — sometimes at your neighborhood hospital.

When Richmond, Virginia’s, Dr. Brian Smith and his family chose Marco Island for their recent vacation, little did they know that their lives were about to change.

As the Physicians Regional Collier Boulevard campus tends to dominate the landscape for a brief stretch of Collier Boulevard just a few miles north of Tamiami Trail, it’s somewhat hard to miss. The vacationing Dr. Smith didn’t overlook it either.

Having already chatted with his wife about “what a nice place this would be to live,” Dr. Smith returned to his hotel to do a little online research on Physicians Regional Healthcare System. He discovered that we were, in fact, looking to add a physician to our team with his specific skills and background.

Next, Dr. Smith took the initiative, dropped by the hospital and introduced himself. A spontaneous tour and several mutually-beneficial discussions later and Physicians Regional-Collier Boulevard can now proudly announce the newest member of our physician family: General Surgeon Dr. Brian Smith.

Dr. Smith will begin seeing patients Feb. 9.

General surgery is a surgical specialty that focuses on abdominal contents including esophagus, stomach, small bowel, colon, liver, pancreas, gallbladder and bile ducts, and often the thyroid gland (depending on local reference patterns).

Though the use of the adjective “general” next to word “surgery” may sound somewhat non-specific, nothing could be further from the truth.



To be successful at this particular surgical specialty requires tremendous knowledge, skill and education.

Dr. Smith received his Bachelor of Science (cum laude) in 1999 from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. He subsequently received his Doctor of Medicine in 2003 from the Medical College of Ohio in Toledo.

As an added bonus, Dr. Smith went on to complete his Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences in 2009 with an emphasis on Surgical Research from the University of Toledo College of Medicine.

Dr. Smith also brings his ability to skillfully perform laparoscopic and robotic minimally invasive surgical procedures. In fact, he has also been responsible for teaching other physicians on successful use of the industry leading da Vinci Robotic Surgical System.

As the Interim CEO of Physicians Regional Healthcare System, I am very much on record regarding my goals for Physicians Regional-Collier Boulevard. In short, the more services we can offer the rapidly expanding Marco Island and East Naples area, the better.

Our commitment to service expansion is perhaps best seen in our recent investments in key areas such as Orthopedics and Bariatrics and by the 2013 opening of our Walk-in Clinic on Marco.

With the addition of Dr. Smith, our local residents have a brand new option for exceptional surgical care — one that is very close to home.

The Smiths have two young children and recently purchased a home in Naples. Please join me in welcoming — not just the newest addition to the Physicians Regional-Collier Boulevard medical team — but the wonderful Smith family from Virginia who deserve all the good will and hospitality our wonderful community can provide.

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