Thursday, October 28, 2021

International Humanitarian Assistance Symposium (IHAS)

PHOTO COURTESY OF CGAUX Commodore Walter J. Jaskiewicz.

PHOTO COURTESY OF CGAUX Commodore Walter J. Jaskiewicz.

By United States Coast Guard Auxiliary

Seventh District Coast Guard Auxiliary Commodore, Walter Jaskiewicz, a resident of Marco Island, recently attended the two-day (IHAS) International Humanitarian Assistance Symposium held in Miami Florida. Families who lost members from air, sea and transportation incidents, were guest speakers, explaining the problems encountered regarding when and how they were notified of a lost family member. The panel consisted of members from the Lockabee Air Disaster, Cruise Line Disasters and on-shore excursion trips.

First Responder Care Units from the various transportation agencies provided updated information on how they have improved their 24-hour on call professionally trained care unit staff to handle the compassionate time of need care to those family members who have lost a loved one in an accident.

Four United States Coast Guard Auxiliary members, including Commodore Jaskiewicz, attended, representing the Auxiliary Mass Operations Response Team. This team is being developed to provide trained, qualified Auxiliary members to handle assigned Division/Group Supervisor Positions within The National Incident Management System for disasters. Extensive Incident Command System (ICS) Training Qualification is currently underway for the first 16-member team, which includes participation in hands-on mass rescue exercises held throughout the United States and off-shore Caribbean Islands.

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