Friday, December 3, 2021

Interior Design Trends 2012



By Xiomara Martinez

Interior design is offering a fresh perspective and awareness of existing homes. The new trends are helping people see properties through new eyes with more comfort in old rooms and with a chic style for 2012. Current economic conditions force many people to remain in the homes where they currently reside. Adding more comfort to home interiors and creating luxurious and relaxing rooms with impressive, personal and interesting decorating ideas has been the main objective for interior designers.

The next level of inspiration will allow people to enjoy a new autonomy to use bright and dark colors, exotic with traditional and luxurious materials. The ability of combining simple lines and adventurous textures is defining interior designers’ expertise.

Emerald, amethyst and sapphire, ruby, coral pallets with yellow tones, vivid turquoise and luscious cream colors, combined with tender ivory, brown, silver, and whites are modern interior design color trends for 2012. With elegance in mind, the modern paint colors and wallpaper patterns are inspired by nature, bringing elegance and comfort at affordable prices.

Materials with sleek and glossy surfaces, layers of silky fabrics and luxurious wool, the mix of brick and velvet, designs of wood and stainless steel, marbles, glass and leathers will create attractive and astonishing contrasts. The mixing of decor accessories, made of natural stone and shiny plastic, metal, wood and fabrics are totally -IN- adding charm and unique character to contemporary interior design. The use of large mirrors or mirrored tiles will reflect more lighting into rooms as well as magnify spaces.

Interior design trends for 2012 promise to personalize your home by taking more care of details and creating a more pleasant, comfortable ambiance just for you!!

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