Monday, December 6, 2021

Injured Chihuahua saved thanks to DAS Donation Trust Fund and a Vet Tech with a Big Heart



The Collier County DAS Donation Trust Fund has made it possible to save yet another injured dog’s life. Chi-Chi, a 4-½ pound 6-7 year old Chihuahua was brought to DAS by a Good Samaritan on Friday, September 16, with serious wounds to her abdomen and chest. Chi-Chi’s injuries are believed to be the result of an attack of another dog. DAS Veterinarian Dr. Karen Brown recommended Chi-Chi as a trust fund recipient. Dr. Brown coordinated surgery with Dr. Amelia Foster of Anima life Veterinary Center.

Chi-Chi is now recovering from her surgery. “Chi-Chi is a very sweet little girl and is recovering wonderfully,” said Vet Tech Lauren Siwek, who assisted in Chi-Chi’s surgery. Lauren decided to foster Chi-Chi after her operation, and that’s all it took for Lauren to fall in love. Lauren adopted Chi-Chi into her family today.

Lauren Siwek is available for interviews. A DAS representative will also be available to discuss the importance of the Donation Trust Fund and how it helps save lives.

Without donations from the public to the Donation Trust Fund, surgeries for needy dogs like Chi-Chi would not be possible. The Board of County Commissioners and DAS created the DAS Donation Trust Fund to ensure funds would be available to pay for potential adoption animals’ emergency and/or special medical needs.

DAS is located at 7610 Davis Blvd. just east of the intersection of Davis Blvd. and Santa Barbara Blvd. For more information, call Daniel Christenbury DAS Public Information Specialist at 252-6956 or 252-PETS.

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