Tuesday, November 30, 2021

In Support of Rick LoCastro

Letter to the Editor

From experience, when the opposition candidate or their proponents begin to malign the other Candidate(s) in an upcoming election, it is usually a sign of desperation on their part. In my opinion, this is clearly the case based on recent Letter to the Editor that appeared in local Newspapers and used nothing but “hearsay” to denigrate Rick LoCastro, the Candidate for Collier County Commissioner-District 1. 

I have known Rick LoCastro for several years and believe his background and integrity are what our District needs to help guide our growth through the next decade.  

Colonel LoCastro’s exemplary service of almost a quartercentury in the United States Air Force (during war and peace) is to be congratulated. Both the VFW and American Legion have validated his “Service” to our Country. His performance was further acknowledged by the Military when Rick was appointed to Command the Air Force Academy from which he graduated. This alone speaks volumes of the Man and his Character. 

Rick has also served as the former COO/Physicians Regional in Naples where he helped to make a further contribution to the growth of our Community.  

Rick is a man of integrity, knowledge and commitment. He is well suited to “add value” to the position of Collier County Commissioner-District 1, plus handle the challenges we face during the upcoming years. I am confident he will perform this duty with both “intelligence and heart. These are the reasons that I support and will vote for Rick LoCastro. 



Len Schuman 

Marco Island, FL


One response to “In Support of Rick LoCastro”

  1. Sharon Lynn says:

    As a former faculty member at both the United States Air Force Academy and it’s co-located Preparatory School, I would like to correct Mr. Schuman’s misunderstanding of the USAFA organizational structure. He states that “Rick was appointed to command the Air Force Academy from which he graduated.” Unfortunately, this is factually incorrect. The Superintendent commands the US Air Force Academy. The position is held by a Lt. General (3 star), and you can easily look up the position as well as the 20 men and women who have held it online. Col LoCastro was competetively selected to serve as the 10th Air Base Wing Commander. The 10 ABW is the host wing for the Academy, providing security, personnel and logistics support, and the clinics for the Academy. My correction is not intended to detract from Col LoCastro’s career, only to correct a clear misconception about what his duty title encompassed.

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