Monday, January 24, 2022

In My Opinion

Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness

From malicious lies to slanderous false accusations, Marco Island seems a magnet for dirty politics. This election has seen thousands of unsolicited spam emails even after repeated requests to be deleted, to venomous websites, and frivolous elections complaints. All timed to do the most damage possible. Dirty politics is the ONLY thing a particular “band of bullies” is good at! They point fingers elsewhere falsely accusing others of misdeeds to cover their tracks. It is an old ploy.

The content of the political emails and website were filled with vitriol. Remarks were disgusting, pure slander and designed to smear anyone in opposition. Then, they got brazen. They blatantly ignored multiple requests to be deleted from email lists and began to attack ANYONE who didn’t agree with them. They denigrated anyone for exercising their own First Amendment right.

Of course, this newspaper naturally supports FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS…but that does NOT mean anyone should be able to LIE, DISTORT AND SLANDER those around them, particularly a sitting councilman.

Mr. Honig owned the website in question. Since the website was promoted in each email sent, it was the talk of the island! Claiming ignorance of the site’s content is unbelievable. And, since Mr. Honig assumed his identity would remain anonymous, as he registered and the website was administered under that premise, WHY would he (or anyone else) bother to change an author on documents posted?

How many of YOU received unsolicited hateful political emails from this group? They want their First Amendment rights protected, but not yours.

For Coastal Breeze News and myself, we reported Mr. Honig as the owner of the political website. In the meantime, Mr. Honig ran to the competition to get something in to disavow responsibility and continues now to “spin the story.” Fortunately, we’re here!

One MUST wonder why a $6,000/year council seat means so much that it is worth spreading malicious, slanderous lies and in my opinion, a sin against God, and our neighbors. We know dirty politics happen on a bigger scale but why on our island paradise? Good ethical candidates stand in the shadows while others want to manipulate and control the City for personal interests bowls over everyone else.

COASTAL BREEZE NEWS urges every registered voter to GO OUT AND VOTE!

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