Sunday, October 17, 2021

In Loving Memory of Elvis



Over the years Elvis has always been a fixture here, on Marco Island. We came to this island 14 1/2 years ago because of Elvis… We looked for a vacation where we could have a little puppy with us and The Boat House Motel is where we ended up.

Desiree & Nick were wonderful to him. They grew to love him just as everyone else on the Island did. He loved Marco and we moved here eventually.

We are so heartbroken to let everyone know that our baby Elvis passed away on September 4th. He went into Congestive Heart Failure and even though we rushed him up to ASH Emergency Services he could not be saved. We are just so devastated to have lost a beautiful angel that everyone who met loved and always remembered.

Even though he passed out at the dog park over 17 months ago, he put up a valiant fight and was a trooper. Only until the last couple of weeks was he failing and yet he worked so hard to maintain his dignity at every point. He did not want to leave us. However, it just got too hard for him and his lungs filled up with fluid and he died at 1:45 PM Sept. 4th. He will be so missed…

There were people that would come up to me and ask “Is that Elvis?” And there was always a little story behind it. In closing we just wanted everyone who knew and loved “Little Elvis” to know he is in heaven with the angels now. A Memorial Page has been set up at Just type in Elvis in the search box.

 Arleen & Bill Harris

During my grieving process I attended an exercise class and when I told the women there about Elvis everyone cried and shared their stories of their losses. This made me feel not so alone in my grief for my boy. I would like to help anyone going through this terrible experience to feel free to call upon me to talk if they need to. I am thinking about starting a Grieving Owners of Wonderful Pets support group. I can be reached at 239-394-5576 or email

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