Wednesday, December 8, 2021

In Loving Memory of a Very Special Husband

When God was making husbands

As far as I can see,

He made a special soulmate

Especially for me.

He made a perfect gentleman,

Compassionate and kind,

With more love and affection

Than you could ever wish to find. 

He gave my darling husband

A heart of solid gold,

Only my heart can hold,

He was someone I could talk to

That no one can replace, 

He was someone I could laugh with

Till tears ran down my face. 

Next time we meet

Will be at Heaven’s door,

When I see you standing there

I won’t cry anymore.

I will put my arms around you

And kiss your smiling face,

Then the pieces of my broken heart 

will fall back into place.

Miss You So Much 


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