Monday, January 17, 2022

Improvement Project at Naples Airport

Naples Municipal Airport has started several improvement projects at the south end of the airport along North Road between Tower Drive and the observation deck. The airport will remove the berm along the sidewalk, relandscape the area and build public restrooms at the observation deck.

To improve water drainage and prepare the area for potential development, the berm is being replaced with attractive and substantial landscaping that will serve as a visual barrier. In addition to the berm removal, the adjacent sidewalk will be raised to increase drainage and usability.

Single-occupancy restrooms, one male and one female, will be built immediately east of the observation deck for public use, open from dawn to dusk daily.

“The observation deck has become a popular amenity since it opened in 2011,” said Airport Authority Executive Director Chris Rozansky. “We added speakers so people can listen to conversations between air traffic control tower and pilots, and Eagle Scouts provided picnic tables, exercise stations, and a bicycle rack. Constructing restrooms adds convenience for those using the deck and the Gordon River Greenway.”

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