Thursday, October 21, 2021

IMAG History & Science Center Opens New Exhibit

IMAG History & Science Center announces the grand opening of its Science on a Sphere on Saturday, August 31, 2019 along with other new and exciting attractions including its Google Earth Wall, Hurricane Simulator and Exhibit, and a Hall of Weather with various exhibits including the IMAG Weather Forecasting TV Studio, Touch-a-Cloud Experience, and more. What better way to discover and experience the sciences of our Earth but on a huge globe or a video wall or standing in the middle of a powerful hurricane?

Thanks to the generous support and sponsorship of Storm Smart and NBC2, the IMAG is bringing earth sciences to life. Science on a Sphere is a room-sized, six-foot diameter sphere that displays planetary data for atmospheric storms, climate changes, ocean temperatures, and more to explain our complex environmental processes. “As part of our mission, the IMAG uses the lens of science to help people of all ages understand our world. We are thankful for the opportunity to offer Science on a Sphere to help achieve that goal,” said Matthew Johnson, Executive Director of IMAG. Developed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Science on a Sphere is an educational tool that is simultaneously intuitive and inspiring, engaging and fun.

“The Storm Smart family is honored and excited to bring this exhibit to our communities,” stated Brian Rist, Executive Chairman of Storm Smart. “Science on a Sphere is creating a fantastic learning experience and providing a greater understanding of our environment, climate, storms and hurricanes that occasionally visit us in Southwest Florida.”

The IMAG Google Earth Wall is an interactive display that allows people to take a tour with some of the world’s leading scientists, teachers, story tellers, and subject experts. Google Earth opens up new realms of exploration, discovery, and fun allowing people to virtually climb the world’s tallest mountains, dive into the deepest canyons, visit exciting cities, learn about exotic animals, and more by using satellite imagery of various terrains, bodies of water, and hundreds of cities worldwide.

In addition to Science on a Sphere and Google Earth Wall, IMAG features other weather-and-environment-related exhibits for learning and fun.

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