Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Illustrated Watercolor Journaling Workshops




The Marco Island Center for the Arts is offering a unique workshop — Illustrated Watercolor Journal — suitable for beginners as well as accomplished painters looking for a fun way to find new images and loosen up. Experienced instructor and well-known local artist Hannah Ineson ( will lead the workshop.

What is an “illustrated watercolor journal?” It’s a small book of watercolor paper in which to record images and text around any theme. Traditionally used to record memories while traveling, the journal can also explore family memories, images of one’s hometown, favorite recipes, visits to restaurants, any theme that one might want to illustrate. A simple drawing pen, small watercolor kit and journal are the only tools needed. Recommended materials fit



in a small bag or purse.

Lessons in this workshop will include drawing and watercolor techniques, some easy decorative lettering and basic composition. Students will go home with their own journal packed full of images from the Marco Island area and plenty of ideas for more.

Two workshops will be offered on Marco this season: Feb. 10-11 and March 2-3. Call 239-394-4221 to register, and visit for more information.

Ineson also will offer this workshop next fall at Dillman’s Resort and Art Workshop Retreat in beautiful Northern Wisconsin. Dillman’s is a nationally known artists’ destination, and this workshop is a perfect opportunity to escape the late summer heat in Florida.

For more information, visit For questions, you may also contact the instructor at 207-380-4334.

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