Wednesday, December 1, 2021

I’ll Always Love My Mama

All That Glitters


It’s almost Mother’s Day and for me that day has two meanings. One, it’s a day to show respect to my Mom and two, it’s finally May and the 2021 Snowbird season for me is sorta kinda nearing the end. The second reason is hard to put a handle on because it seemed like three quarters the U.S. population was here on the island at one time or another, and though it appears quieter, the traffic on the street and in and out of the shop tells me otherwise.

Now back to Mom, I may have mentioned in the past that years ago Mother’s Day was a big deal, jewelry wise, (like the way past!). I would be a busy beaver a month earlier putting together mother’s rings, pendants or bracelets that would have the corresponding-colored birthstone for each child that Mom had brought into the world. There were some funky color combinations, I even did Grandmother’s jewelry.

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Mother’s jewelry IS NOT something you can get the day before Mother’s Day and stroll out unless you were an only child and I happen to have that one-month birthstone in a ring or pendant. You would be amazed how many guys would come in and not understand why I would not have a mother’s ring in stock in my showcase with the exact birthstones for his wife and four kids.

Mother’s rings in the past had multi-birthstones. I remember in the 70s doing one with twelve kids, nowadays I believe the average family a couple years ago was two and a half kids (???) now it’s 1.93 kids. (I checked.) Beats me how I would create a Mother’s ring with 1.93 percent stones in it?

So, we are obviously having fewer children, the exception is my youngest daughter, I’m expecting my third grandson this June and I have the impression they are not done yet! So, I reckon for most of us there is less interest in having a large family.

 So, I can’t totally figure out when or why Mom fell off the jewelry radar. I actually get more requests for “Pet Jewelry” than “Mother’s Jewelry”. I doubt many Moms would be thrilled to hear that Fido, Kitty and Harriet the hamster receive and wear nicer jewelry than they have.

It may not be another tradition that has gone by the wayside, I may get a few guys who buy way far in advance for the May 9 deadline and never mention what the occasion is for such a nice gift. It still involves other ways of showing one’s love for Mom, there are still lovely flowers, a wonderful family dinner at her favorite restaurant and who would dare forget the Mother’s Day card?

With me being a jeweler and all, my Mom has received some pretty nice things from me over the years, the most memorable was a “Veg-O-Matic” I gave her in the early 1970’s, “It slices and dices and made great French fries”. I think Ronco advertised it on T.V. right alongside “The Ginsu” knives that could cut through anything! Well, little did I know that gift went over like a lead balloon and she never used it, and it remained in the original box and Mom gifted it to one of my sisters who gifted it to my other sister then she to my brother. So, to make a long story short… Christmas about ten years later I got Mom’s original “Veg-O-Matic” back!

She makes no pains even today to inform me she prefers jewelry.

A Happy Mother’s Day to all and have a safe summer!



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