Friday, January 28, 2022

If no one is looking, are you doing what’s right?



If you break the law when no one is looking and you don’t get caught on camera, have you really broken the law?

What if you’re at the grocery store, you’ve checked out your cart and when you get to your car, you discover a small item that you didn’t pay for wedged in the cart. Do you go back inside and pay or just drive away? Is that illegal? How about when you go to the drive-through at the bank and discover that you received an extra $20. Is it like a winning lotto ticket if you keep the money or against the law?

When it’s 3:00 a.m. and you come to a red light with no other cars on the road, do you really have to stop even if you know it’s safe to proceed? Are you breaking the law if you don’t?

I was almost run down by a car that whipped into the handicapped parking space right in front of the entrance doors to the post office as I was about to go in. This was the last and only spot in a full parking lot. A very healthy-looking young woman with no visible handicap jumped out and ran inside. The line inside was long so she was going to be there awhile.

Since she left her car in a parking spot that was clearly marked “Handicapped Permit Only” I looked at the visor for her permit. None there. I looked at the license tag and the windshields – no handicapped designation. Being behind her in line, I asked if she knew she was parked in a handicapped space and she said, “So what.” She gave me a look which said louder than words that whatever she was doing had priority over anything and anyone else and she did not care that she was breaking the law.

Why would she selfishly occupy that parking space? I’d call her just plain lazy. Did it matter that a truly handicapped person rode ‘round and ‘round the lot looking for a space where a wheelchair could be removed from the handicapped-equipped van – not to her. What about the person that parks on the striped lines next to a handicapped space? Is that a violation of the law? Of course!  Otherwise, how does that person in the van get their wheelchair out?

These may just sound like instances of moral conscience, but they are all against the law. So ask yourself, are you living legally?

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