Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Ideal Physical Therapy & Fitness Takes Novel Approach

Dr. Phil Standhart working with a rehabilitation patient. | Submitted Photos

When Tom and Colleen Drummond opened Ideal Fitness in Naples in 2015, they never envisioned one day joining forces with one of the top physical therapists in the region. But starting this past August, that is exactly what happened when Dr. Phil Standhart joined the Ideal family.

The concept of marrying physical therapy with fitness and nutrition was born from Tom’s experience working with Phil to rehab his hip injury. The two immediately realized the tremendous benefits that could be gained by providing patients with the opportunity to extend their hard work from rehab through a guided workout program based on their individual needs.

Since Ideal also offers personal nutrition coaching, clients can now take advantage of top-notch care that spans rehabilitation, fitness, and diet; making Ideal Physical Therapy & Fitness the most unique and holistic program available for addressing the three most important aspects of health and wellness.

Phil’s approach to physical therapy is one that puts the patient first. His core clinical beliefs lie in treating the whole patient, not just the specific area of need that might be ailing someone that day. Combining his practice with Ideal provided him the chance to extend his reach beyond the typical six-week treatment program allotted by insurance.

“It takes the average person six to eight weeks to bring their body to the point where they can start building muscle to stabilize their injury or surgical recovery,” says Dr. Standhart. “With our integrated approach, we can now go beyond the limits of a typical physical therapy clinic by not just rehabilitating patients, but also providing them with a tailored program to increase strength and flexibility, which dramatically reduces the chances of re-injury.”

The results speak for themselves. Gary Chernow of Sunshine Ace Hardware sought out Dr. Standhart for rehabilitation of his recent knee replacement surgery. At the conclusion of his therapy, Gary enrolled in the Ideal Fitness program to keep his positive recovery going.

Head Trainer Tim Magee performing active stretching with a member.

Gary remarks that “I’ve been a member of many fitness clubs across the area, and there is truly nothing like Ideal Physical Therapy & Fitness out there. They treat you like family and care deeply about helping you achieve your goals.” Gary credits the expert care from Dr. Standhart, combined with the integrated approach of Ideal Physical Therapy & Fitness, for his success in staying healthy and fit.

Ideal Physical Therapy & Fitness is committed to continuing its innovation in health and wellness. They recently launched an active stretching program designed to help clients target smaller supporting muscle groups through physical manipulation by head trainer, Tim Magee. Active stretching promises to help many of the region’s golfers, tennis players, pickle-ballers, and just about everyone else stave off injury and recover from their nagging aches and pains.

Tom, Colleen, Phil, and the rest of the Ideal family look forward to playing a leading role in empowering the Naples and Marco Island community towards better health and improved quality of life.

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