Thursday, October 28, 2021

IBERIABANK’s Heath “PLUS” Lecture Series

IBERIABANK’s next installment of the Heath “PLUS” Lecture Series will be held on July 24th. The interaction between nutrition and medications will be the topic thoroughly covered by Dr. Mark Liberman, M.D and General Surgeon with Physicians Regional Healthcare System, partner for this important medical series.

As we take more medications, we run an increased risk of harmful drug interactions and a greater risk of nutritional deficiencies that result when medications interact with certain foods. At our ages, the results of that can be devastating. Some of the most familiar medications that treat blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heartburn, pain and hormones create nutritional side effects that must be recognized and addressed.

So, the question swirling around in your head right now is: “Why didn’t my doctor mention this to me?” Unfortunately, nutrition is not a topic commonly taught in traditional medical curriculum. Many doctors are unaware of this problem and therefore fail to mention it. When your doctor writes a new prescription for you, have you ever ask him/her about drug induced nutritional deficiencies? Probably you didn’t….but should have.

Dr. Liberman’s presentation is titled “The Truth About Nutrition and Your Need for Medications”…….What your doctor didn’t tell you about nutritional medicine may be killing you.

Held Tuesday, July 24th at the IBERIABANK/Marco Island with the reception beginning at 6:00pm and Dr. Liberman’s one hour presentation starting at 6:30pm. Your reservation can be made by calling the bank at 239-403-5169.




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