Saturday, November 27, 2021

IBERIABANK Fans Show Support From Around the World

IBERIABANK (, a 124-year-old subsidiary of IBERIABANK Corporation, is pleased to announce three winners following a six-month-long ‘fan’ club contest. Similar to the widely-known “Flat Stanley” exercise conducted by schools around the country where students take photos with a paper cut out of a boy during their travels, IBERIABANK launched a similar program by asking people to take a photo of an IBERIABANK hand fan during their travels.

The bank received photo submissions from far away locations including China, India, and Germany as well as submissions from various locales in the United States including Wrigley Field and the Blue Ridge Parkway. Barbara Evans was selected as the first place winner by popular vote which was conducted at IBERIABANK’s branch on Marco Island. Evans submitted photos from India which included an IBERIABANK hand fan in the trunk of an elephant, a fan peaking out of a basket belonging to a snake charmer, and a fan in front of the Taj Mahal. For her efforts, Evans will receive a Nikon digital camera.

Additional ‘fan’ club winners were selected including Randle and Susanne Grossman in second place for their photos taken in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Germany, and Utah. Third place winners were Alex and Marcia Orsolini for their photos taken in Bonaire and Carioca.

The idea for the fan club came about following receipt of a photo from Mike Riley, a former local radio personality who relocated to California. Riley had taken a photo of an IBERIABANK fan in front of the infamous Hollywood Hills sign as a gesture of thanks for IBERIABANK’s branch manager, Keith Dameron. This photo planted the seed to host an IBERIABANK fan club photo contest.

“Our ‘fan’ club campaign is another example of the importance of reaching out to the entire community with educational, entertaining and fun programs for the benefit of everyone,” said Dameron. “I was touched by the family photo taken in Southport, North Carolina showing generations of one family proudly holding up their IBERIABANK fans. And I was amazed by just how many miles our fans traveled. There were so many fabulous submissions, our voters had a tough time narrowing their selections to just three winners!”

A complete book of fan photos is available for public viewing at the Marco Island branch located at 605 Bald Eagle Drive.

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