Thursday, December 9, 2021

I LOVE TO COOK Rediscover your own JOY of cooking for family and friends



Chef Anne Feinman

Has cooking become a chore…the thought of preparing, shopping and serving… an absolute dread? I can remember having those days. Yes, as a successful restauranteur… those moments are part of all our busy lives.

Your life can consist of a hectic work, social, and family day…but take time out to be inspired and to inspire others! It is so easy to add a special touch to the foods you prepare. I like to add a strawberry to the top of pancakes and French Toast, with a sprinkle of powder sugar. An edible orchid is exceptional on all my fresh salads, and a sprinkle of fresh parsley to adorn soups. Stand out from the crowd! Don’t just put a grilled cheese flat on a plate…angle one half on the other…give it dimension.

Always prepare a week’s menu and a week’s shopping list. Having on hand certain items, makes for ease of preparation and SMILES on your family and guests.

I remember my Aunt Edith, back in the 70’s…and still today, she always had a full pantry and during the summer a lush vegetable garden. With our family of 5 girls, Mom and Dad could drop in for a visit, and Aunt Edith would prepare a sumptuous treat or meal.

I love cooking. I love sharing everything from recipes, information on herbs and ingredients, to menu planning. I tend to lean toward a more modern and relaxed way of cooking. I try not to adhere to many rules in the kitchen, except to have as much fun as possible using great ingredients. For everyday cooking I like to be quite spontaneous and adventurous – and having grown up around herbs, they are an intrinsic part of my cooking.

I also love when a great dish comes out of what’s left over in the refrigerator. Dinner leftovers can become your next day soups and breakfasts. Be creative, use color and dimension. Treat your family to your imagination! Learn to love to cook!

Check out online recipes, and make your own twist, to make them your own. Life is about color, flavor, excitement…bring your personality into your meals! Try adding gorgonzola, tomato and sauteed red onion to your left over beef…use 3-4 types of cheeses to a grilled cheese…add nuts and berries to your salads!

From our family to yours….Happy Cooking!

I look forward to seeing you soon in our new location at The Esplanade. Remember,

Chefs Express has moved and is now enjoying a beautiful view of Smokehouse Bay, and has been incorporated into the catering division of Mangos and Lilly B’s Specialty Market. 239-393-2433.

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