Saturday, November 27, 2021

I Do Windows!



C2-CBN-10-17-14-7Sherri Medeiros has a knack for seeing things more clearly, especially when it comes to her business, See-Thru Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Scratch and Waterstain Removal Inc. For 15 years, See-Thru has offered professional cleaning and glass restoration services to homeowners and businesses on Marco Island and surrounding communities. “I especially enjoy providing superior service to a diverse and interesting clientele,” Sherri says. “I love when a client looks through the clean glass and is amazed at the difference we made. I employ a professional team of window cleaners and pressure washers, many of whom have worked for my company for years. This gives me feeling of tremendous satisfaction.”

Sherri has been a Marco Island resident since 1987. “This area has a wonderful hometown feeling which lends itself to trusting and long-term client relationships. Making business relationships is easy and enjoyable and many clients become friends,” she says. “The residential homes, condos, businesses, restaurants, hotels, store fronts and new construction have the most beautiful views, especially with clean glass. We are pleased to provide our services in such a grand place! Quality and perfection is clearly our view.”

This experienced female entrepreneur known as the “See-Thru Sherri” is easily recognizable around town. She is often spotted wearing her pink t-shirt that states “I DO WINDOWS” and always carries a supply of pink cards and pink pens.

Medeiros explains that she apprenticed with master window cleaner Eddie Mills for two



years, learning the professional art of window cleaning. “When he decided to retire his squeegee, I took the business over. I love to clean windows, but also wear the hats of business manager, estimator and bookkeeper. I keep up-to-date on latest cleaning technologies and tools of the trade by attending the International Window Cleaning Association’s convention annually,” she adds.

See-Thru Window Cleaning/Pressure Washing, Scratch and Water Stain Removal Inc. has a menu of services that include cleaning screens and sliding-door tracks, pressure washing exteriors, pool cages and driveways. “We offer storm protection, meaning we will hang, clean and remove hurricane storm shutters and the ‘glass renew’ polishing system which promises to remove scratches and water stains from glass surfaces,” notes Medeiros. “Clean glass gives a feeling of clarity,” she states. “Quality and perfection is clearly our view.”

Sherri’s fiancée Steve Verbaro is the businesses forefront manager. “He supervises the crew and greets each client,” Sherri says. She is an active member of the Marco Island Chamber of Commerce, promoting their businesses and services, and belongs to MICA (Marco Island Civic Association), Marco Island Power Squadron and Marco Island Fitness Club. They also contribute to Marco Island Fire Department, American Cancer Society, San Marco Catholic Church, For the Love of Cats, Florida Wildlife Federation and the Girl Scouts.

“Gift certificates for our services are always a wonderful gift to give,” Sherri adds, “and you can like us on Facebook.” Checkout their websites on and or give them a call at 239-641-7159.


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