Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Hurricane Party!

Remember boys, only 25 mph!

Remember boys, only 25 mph!


Natalie Strom


Well, Tropical Storm party really. But we were prepared for whatever Isaac had in store for us. After all, when Jim Cantore takes the time to leave the gym and head down to our neck of the woods, we know we could be up against just about anything.

So we prepped. Goodlanders were on Marco in mass numbers in the days leading up to the storm. A trip to the good old Dollar Store for candles and water brought us face to face with our next door neighbors doing the same. At Publix, a couple of Goodlanders were stocking up for a day-before-the-storm barbecue as we purchased the essential canned goods (minus the Spam – we ate enough at Spammy Jammy in June!). And of course, the liquor store. But then again, every time I go there I see someone from Goodland, even when there is no storm.

We lined the house with candles, dragged in gallon after gallon of water and stocked the cabinets with our non-perishables. We brought in our bicycles, garden hose and kayak and tied the garbage cans to the fence. We moved our cars to keep them safe from falling debris. We duct taped the window that just won’t stay closed. (It still didn’t stay closed).

And we waited…

And waited…

And waited…

I woke up the next

Where are all the docks? Photos By Natalie Strom

Where are all the docks? Photos By Natalie Strom

morning and thought, “Well, that wasn’t bad.” Hoping I would have had the day off, I begrudgingly got ready for work. As I made the trek through town, I was stopped short at Stan’s. “I wouldn’t drive your car through that,” I heard. “It’s all salt water.” And it was deep! So, I got my day off after all.

I cruised back home and grabbed my camera, my boyfriend and my dog (not necessarily in that order). We set out on a golf cart ride to survey the situation. First stop, the lot across from The Pink House Motel. A large fenced-off grassy area that juts out into the waterway was completely under water. Luckily the motel and the houses around it were safe.

B.B. Wrinkles, our Olympic-level swimming mutt, was so excited to play in the water that she went right over a canal that was overflowing! The other dogs with us tried to help and, one by one, all three had fallen in! They were in a hurry to get out, but not our B.B. Every time we called for her, she just swam further and further away, blissfully unaware of the dangers of her activity.

After coaxing her out with promises of more water along the way, we headed down through MarGood Park. The docks that line the back

B.B. come back!

B.B. come back!

of the Drop Anchor community were completely under water, but luckily the houses in the complex were undamaged.

Onto the curvy road – the only way in and out of town other than by boat. But not on that day! As we pulled up to the water that completely covered the street for as far as we could see, a wave runner came flying up the road!

He was coming straight for us but suddenly took a sharp right and went right down the boat ramp across from Stan’s! I’m telling you… you can’t make this s#@! up!!

B.B. eagerly swam after a couple of local kids that took off down the road in a kayak. Word is they made it all the way to Marco. B.B. of course, did not. She stayed with us and swam to her heart’s content.

The water slowly subsided and by the evening the roads were clear again. It was a fun day being stranded in Goodland, but we are all aware of just how lucky we are. Thanks for taking it easy on us, Isaac!


Natalie Strom has lived in Goodland for over two years and has worked in Goodland on and off for more than five years. She is a graduate of the University of Iowa and is also a former Buzzard Queen of Stan’s Idle Hour in Goodland.

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