Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Hurricane Committee Update

Following Hurricane Irma, Marco Island’s Ad-Hoc Hurricane Review Committee was created to provide “actionable recommendations that could improve the City’s effectiveness in the event of future natural disasters.”

Created by resolution in December 2017, the Hurricane Committee has met ten times since its first meeting in April 2018.

Chair Jim von Rinteln explained that the Hurricane Committee uses phases of Emergency Management (Preparedness, Response, Recovery & Mitigation) as a systematic tool to review the Hurricane Irma event, looking at each phase by Emergency Support Function. This process insures a thorough review, which will help the City learn how it may improve its emergency preparedness program.

The Hurricane Committee presented its Preliminary Report to City Council in June, with recommendations limited to a review of the Preparedness phase.

According to Jim von Rinteln, “The major accomplishment thus far has been to provide a professional systematic review of how the City Government and its residents prepared for, responded to, and are recovering from, the effects of Hurricane Irma and hopefully providing some ideas, guidance and recommendations to the City Council so that future emergencies or disasters are less damaging and threatening.”

The Ad-Hoc Hurricane Review Committee will continue to meet four or five more times this year, and provide its Final Report to the Marco Island City Council by December 31, 2018.

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